Weight Training "Workout"

As many of you might be hitting the gym during this off-season, you might be wondering how to account for this training in your progression. If you’re working your upper body, there likely isn’t going to be much of a benefit/change to your cycling performance but if you’re working your lower body / legs, you’d expect to see increased top end power, affecting your Peak Power and High Intensity Energy systems.

We created a workout that you an drop onto your calendar that offers an estimate of the XSS you’d see from doing a leg workout at the gym. It’s only an estimate and you can adjust as needed but you will see its effects on your training status. I’m finding that it helps with planning my other rides since I get credit for the fatigue it generates and the improvements towards my peak power and high intensity energy.




Any recommendations on how to equate this to a leg workout? Does the default one equal 3 hard sets of legs?

I’ve been lifting for the first time this year for cycling, squats and deadlifts. Doing some upper body stuff also, mostly body weight. No doubt it works, I’ve added nearly 100 watts to my peak power during a period I wasn’t doing any type of sprint efforts or really any hard efforts at all.

The lifting sessions wipe me out, comparable to a training ride that would turn my status yellow if not red. Shooting for 2 lift days a week and 2 hard days on the bike, the rest of the time is endurance. Not worrying about the XSS score since I don’t think there is a good way to measure it currently.

Is there a way to add this as a ‘completed activity’ instead of a future planned workout? Sorry if this is obvious, I just can’t see it in the planner.

I’m doing 10x10 German Volume Training type deadlift workouts twice a week at the moment, they push me to the max and my legs need two days recovery. This workout is great and can be adapted as I need, I just can’t see how to add it as a ‘completed workout/session/activity’.

Adding 100w to my sprint would be nice!

Mark workout as a favorite :+1: so quick to find.
Select + on Planner, as long as Activity time is a time or date in the past you can Add a Workout you’ve completed. [Add to the past, Plan for the future.]
Select Liked only, locate the workout, tap to select, then Save.
You can alternately search by Filter for “weight”.

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Thanks, I was trying to schedule in the past which didn’t work, but the save button did. thank you.