Weight Training "Workout"

As many of you might be hitting the gym during this off-season, you might be wondering how to account for this training in your progression. If you’re working your upper body, there likely isn’t going to be much of a benefit/change to your cycling performance but if you’re working your lower body / legs, you’d expect to see increased top end power, affecting your Peak Power and High Intensity Energy systems.

We created a workout that you an drop onto your calendar that offers an estimate of the XSS you’d see from doing a leg workout at the gym. It’s only an estimate and you can adjust as needed but you will see its effects on your training status. I’m finding that it helps with planning my other rides since I get credit for the fatigue it generates and the improvements towards my peak power and high intensity energy.




Any recommendations on how to equate this to a leg workout? Does the default one equal 3 hard sets of legs?

I’ve been lifting for the first time this year for cycling, squats and deadlifts. Doing some upper body stuff also, mostly body weight. No doubt it works, I’ve added nearly 100 watts to my peak power during a period I wasn’t doing any type of sprint efforts or really any hard efforts at all.

The lifting sessions wipe me out, comparable to a training ride that would turn my status yellow if not red. Shooting for 2 lift days a week and 2 hard days on the bike, the rest of the time is endurance. Not worrying about the XSS score since I don’t think there is a good way to measure it currently.

Is there a way to add this as a ‘completed activity’ instead of a future planned workout? Sorry if this is obvious, I just can’t see it in the planner.

I’m doing 10x10 German Volume Training type deadlift workouts twice a week at the moment, they push me to the max and my legs need two days recovery. This workout is great and can be adapted as I need, I just can’t see how to add it as a ‘completed workout/session/activity’.

Adding 100w to my sprint would be nice!

Mark workout as a favorite :+1: so quick to find.
Select + on Planner, as long as Activity time is a time or date in the past you can Add a Workout you’ve completed. [Add to the past, Plan for the future.]
Select Liked only, locate the workout, tap to select, then Save.
You can alternately search by Filter for “weight”.

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Thanks, I was trying to schedule in the past which didn’t work, but the save button did. thank you.

This is really excellent, I’ve been wanting something like this since I started strength workouts in the gym for the last 3 months.
I have one question. I see you have XSS down as 9, what is that based on? Sets/Reps etc.

Each 30s interval is about 10 reps at 50/50 Peak vs High which is roughly 80% of 1RM (analogous to Peak Power).

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Hi. This seems like a useful addition. Unfortunately I don’t seem to be able to add this workout to my planner, either past or future workouts. When I search through the planner add feature I can’t see this workout. I’ve tried filtering for liked only plus also searching for ‘weight’ but I just get a 'nothing found, check the filter settings ’ message. Strangely I can find the workout fine when I search workouts outside of the planner. Can anyone help?. Thanks Paul

  1. Select + icon on day.
  2. If Filter is red, select Filter, Reset and Apply.
  3. In text box type in weight [Enter] or tap mag lens icon to display results.

Weight workout should be listed.

You can easily use this workout as a template (make a copy of it) and adjust for your own purposes and schedule. Perhaps your weight sessions are more/less and/or not as specific to cycling. Note that you want the XSS to reflect the XSS strain (i.e. improvement) to your cycling fitness.

Hi. I’ve tried this but still getting the same result. No problem finding it from the training/workouts menu but not found when trying to find it through the planner. See screenshots.

Sorry, not sure that image upload worked. I’m not particularly good at this stuff

Are you a subscriber or trial user?
A subscriber has full access to all workout folders.
On a 30-day trial the workout selection is limited.
When the trial period has expired, the selection is limited to one workout and one session.

Ah, that’ll be it. Thanks for sorting that out for me. Cheers

Here’s the breakdown of what works during a trial – Compare Plans – Xert (baronbiosys.com)

You may be interested in my Onboarding post for newbies –
Onboarding steps for Xert Trial users and newbies - General - Xert Community Forum (xertonline.com)

Brilliant. Thank you :+1:

I’m really having problems getting to terms with the logic of Xert. Let me explain. Planner had me down as "no additional training " or focus on other activities. I clicked on + and added weight training. @ 11:00. OK done the weight training now can’t figure out how to get Xert to add that as completed.

Add the same workout using a date in the past.

When you add the Weight Training workout to the Planner it is tagged as Planned.
That means it’s holding a place on the calendar with the expectation you will perform it at the specified start time.
Unlike other workouts the weight workout isn’t something you will actually run on EBC or export to run elsewhere. It’s being used to simulate high/peak strain on the Planner so the form calculation gradient applies it and shows you as tired for a period afterwards.
Since the workout isn’t actually performed it disappears after the scheduled start time + duration. When it disappears the form gradient changes to reflect the fact the planned activity was never completed. So, the solution is to add it back with a date/time in the past to indicate you did indeed complete it. This can be done on the same day by making sure the start time + duration is earlier than now (completed in the past).

The Weight Training workout was added to the library because many users wanted to include the strain/stress from their gym work. Something that affects their cycling the next day or so. I don’t use it because my strength training is limited to bands, bodyweight, and a kettlebell. I don’t do anything strenuous enough to hinder my pedaling the next day. YMMV