Garmin Workouts

You may have noticed a :watch: icon beside some of the workouts. This indicates you can send the workout to your Garmin device (not the Xert Workout Player…just a regular Garmin workout). Garmin workouts are quite limited (no ramps for example) and max 50 intervals so some of our workouts are available for uploading.

If you use Xert for Running, you can upload them as well for running. In fact, you can choose to upload them with Power or Pace as interval targets. :smile:


cant see it !

You might need to go to the Garmin Connect page and relink your account: Xert - Login

Great! It´s a good news for me! It was one of the things I wondered about when I started with Xert if can possible send workout from Xert to Garmin (without Xert Workout Player). Although now I have become more familiar with Xert :hugs:

It´s good to know that we will lose functionality in this way (ramp and max 50 intervals).

Thanks Armando!

The workouts are currently uploaded as “Xert Cycling Workout”, while TrainerRoad will use the name of the actual workout, e.g. “Mount Deborah”. Isn’t that a better way of naming them?

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this work for you ? I have tested several options to export, upload, transform the file and without any success. Any advice ? I would like to have the training on the garmin edge 530. I checked, I have the button but it doesn’t work.

I have only used it once, but it worked then. I clicked the Garmin / Watch button in Xert. The workout showed up in Garmin Connect and on the Garmin Edge 1030 Plus.

Can you see the workout in Garmin Connect?

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Yesterday I managed do to that. I clicked the button and the training appear in the garmin device. However, at the moment in the trainign I have no garmin button :frowning:

That is probably because it has more than 50 intervals (I have not counted), which Garmin doesn’t support.

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Yes, you are right, I have checked and when there are more than 100 steps, the training canot be uploaded. I did it by myself in the trainingpeaks. Next fortunately can be sent! Thank you fpr your help. I tried several conversion tool, from tcx or zwo file to fit file for Gamin, however withiut any success. Any recommendation? Is this even possible, it is very time consuming to prepare the training in the TP.

You can always select an alternate workout that displays the Send to Garmin icon.
You are never tied to a single workout in Xert. More than one workout will match Suitability.

You could also Join the Basic Workouts Library Community which is a collection of %FTP workouts that will never exceed the Garmin limit. Once joined, those workouts will be suggested when suitable. To exclude them from recommended lists use Filter and disable the Community folder.

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Can’t you just use the Xert App on your 530? Then you have all the workouts and the smart features work the way they should as well.

@ridgerider2 thank you for the suggestion.

@idefix and I will have a navigation panel and my other screens on that? I thought that this is an external app?

Sorry, no navigation, it is a separate app for doing workouts (indoors). I’ve never tried workouts outdoors, I’d probably not be able to multitask that much (traffic and workout) let alone navigating at the same time. But I’m not as young as I once was :wink:

Rather than seeing a bunch of workouts on your Garmin from Xert and then having to figure out which one of them is the one you need to do, we only upload 1 workout and it’s always called the same thing. (The actual Xert workout name is in the description instead). However, when Garmin sends it back to us, we rename it back to the correct workout name for you.

Is there a filter option to search for workouts that can be exported to Garmin? I did not find one straight away…

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Hi @Pordus, good question! No, we haven’t added any option for this. At the moment, the only workouts that cant be exported are workouts with more than 50 interval steps.


I tried the Xert Workout Player on an Edge 840 outside. It works, but everything’s very small, and you can’t leave the app to change the settings on your lights or even to check the time of day. I noticed that there were two options, “SAVE” and “END WORKOUT” so I tried SAVE. But it, you know, ended my workout! So I had to start again (lucky I was only 5K in).

I guess it’s not possible to implement this as a Very Large Data Field so we could swap screens/change sensor settings etc?

Hi @rgarner , thanks for your comments.

Unfortunately not. In order to get specific functionality (like trainer control & power match), it needs to be a ConnectIQ app, not just a data field. Yet when a Garmin App is running, pretty much all other features on the device are unavailable :confused: .

We have provided an update so that Xert workouts can be exported directly to Garmin Connect (and can be synced to your compatible Garmin device). There are some limitations there (see the thread above), but that might be an alternative option if you wish to still access things like navigation or your own custom data screens while doing a workout.


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