NEW! Xert to Garmin Workout Sync 🥳

Hi Xerters,

You might have noticed that we introduced some new integration with Garmin Connect - now Xert workouts can be exported directly to Garmin Connect! :partying_face: Note there are some pro’s and con’s to this functionality. Consider your needs when choosing whether to use the Xert Workout Player App or the native Garmin workout functionality:

:bar_chart: Use your preferred data fields while doing a workout
:world_map: Use course routing/navigation when riding in an unfamiliar area

:negative_squared_cross_mark: Workouts lose SMART functionality
:negative_squared_cross_mark: 50 interval limit
:negative_squared_cross_mark: No ramped or curved intervals

For more information and more detailed instructions, check out our support doc:

Happy Xerting! :biking_man: :biking_woman: