Send Workout to Garmin Bugs

I used the new XERT feature to send a workout to my Garmin, but it didn’t work well. The workout didn’t show up on the day I wanted to do it. Since then, every time I finish an activity and upload it, the same workout information keeps appearing, regardless of whether I’m doing a free ride or a different workout. I already unlinked my Garmin account from XERT and then linked it again to see if it would fix the issue, but the bug persists.

As you can see in Strava, this is a free ride but it uses the workout information from a no selected workout, this is been happening every activity.

Hi @iam23151 send a note to the support team for technical issues like this :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Hola!..same problem too…

Send a note to support if you’re having troubles with this. Not seeing this issue from our end, so any details you can share with us would be better!

@iam23151 @Rober

We managed to find the source of the issue and pushed out a fix! Cheers!

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