Yellow to Green?

Trying to plan a workout tomorrow that will allow me to be recovered by Saturday for a road race. I went into last weekend’s criterium racing with tired legs, which as the first road racing I’ve done this year. I still felt great fitness wise and both the masters and Pro race weren’t difficult, but I didn’t have the punch in the sprint with my tired legs, but I didn’t expect a lot there either based on where I’m at in my training.

When I put a particular workout in for tomorrow, it gives me a predicted yellow for thursday and friday but Green for Saturday which is race day, that would be great. I’ve not seen it skip blue before, is that normal?

Yes if tapering / reducing load.

Yellow is not actually part of the spectrum of recovery… it goes red, blue, green, brown… yellow is kind of separate and reflects when high and peak form is negative (noting that Xert tracks three separate forms, aligned to signature parameters).

See chart here which I.list rates how you can go from yellow to green (or blue or brown)

Could indicate that there’s a bit too much high/peak strain in the workout and not enough low-intensity strain. Is there a shorter (or easier) version of the workout in the library?

We have a few ideas in mind how we can improve the workout recommendations leading into an event… stay tuned :slight_smile:

I understand what you’re saying but that’s news to me. So far every other time it’s gone yellow to blue first that’s why this instance stuck out. Thanks for the help.

I’m in this transition where I’m starting to race yet I’m not done with the training block so I’m trying to figure out what works. I’ve averaged over 20 hours a week for the past 11 weeks but with little intensity: if I want to race without tired legs like I had this past weekend, the volume is going to have to drop a little.

So far training has gone well, comfortably sat in two criteriums this past Sunday, the 2nd being the pro field, with tired legs and little intensity training so far.

Since I can’t find and nobody else seems to have an answer regarding training by focus, I’ve decided to take a little risk the rest of this training block (6-7 weeks) and only train with focus.

I’ll only have past data to compare to as far as results but due to my preference to only train outside and my mountainous terrain I need to know if I can get the same results this way. I certainly enjoy training by focus much more than doing structured workouts.

Thoughts? Have you done this before? Has anyone? Anywhere I can find data or opinions on this?

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