Adding a Form Colour Chart

I know that there’s a lot of data in the background, hidden from the user, and I understand that you don’t want to overwhelm the user with data. Having said that, one improvement to the interface I’d like to see is adding a visual representation of star colours and how they are derived.

In the mockup below, we have the last 7 days of Low Form vs High + Peak Form overlayed on the colours along with the projected next 7 days.

I think this would help people understand why they are being recommended the workout they are, and how Form can go straight from yellow to brown as it does in this particular case.




I really like this idea.

I think I’d probably rotate the chart to put the Low Form on the vertical axis and have the -ve High and Peak Form to the left. That way it matches better with how Form is plotted on the progression chart.

But flip it vertically, so the top left is fresh and the bottom right is deep into the red.

Oh no. I tried it that way round and it just didn’t work right in my head… :wink:


After a long hard workout mine looks more like this (laying on back, staring at sky) –


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Brutal. I know the feeling.