Xert + Zwift Video Guide

Hi everyone!

Check out our latest video! In this video, I outline how you can combine Xert with Zwift - helpful for those of you that like to take advantage of both during the indoor training season! Hope you find it helpful! Leave a comment on the video and let us know what other content you’d like to see on our channel in the future!



Alternativ you could use the Xert App at a Garmin device controlling the trainer with Ant+ and every other Bluetooth device for Xert (iPad,Laptop or even Apple TV)

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Scott, could you share which particular equipment that you are using to connect ANT+ on your mac? Did you have any problems setting it up?

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Yes, that’s also a possibility! But there are many Xerters who don’t have a Garmin. And the sensor configuration is quite a bit easier in EBC compared to the Garmin player.

Almost everyone these days has at least one smartphone/tablet, so I went with the more universal approach :slight_smile:

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  • You’ll need an ANT+ receiver for your computer. These can be picked up relatively inexpensively from Amazon (here’s one from Canadian amazon, for example).

  • If you’re using a newer Mac (with USB-C ports), you’ll need an adapter to plug your ANT+ dongle into. Fortunately, these also are relatively inexpensive (here’s what I’m using, again from Amazon.ca).

Hope this helps!

Very much so. Thanks.

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Does this method offer more than importing the ZWO into Zwift?

Yes, definitely! Exporting to ZWO losses all the ‘SMART’ features of the workouts - dynamic power intervals, Target MPA intervals, curvilinear XSSR intervals (which export as straight ramps), as well as MIXEDMODE functionality. All those features are exclusive to Xert. No other platform has the ability to adapt workouts in real time :wink:

For many endurance workouts, there will be minimal difference between exporting and using EBC, since they’re mostly sub-TP (or LTP) intervals. The greatest benefit from using EBC is for high intensity workouts, where the SMART features really shine :slight_smile:

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It could be done to be able to use Xert and zwift on Appel tv as it is what I use but for the moment from the Garmin and its IQ thanks

For those that found this video guide helpful/useful, would you like to see more content like that shared on our channel in the future? Would be interesting to have some more feedback, either here or in the YouTube video comments :slight_smile:

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Hey Scott,

Thanks for the video. I’m new to Xert…just this week in fact. So much to learn still. Anyway, my question is to be able to do what you describe in the video, do I have to have a laptop/PC? I am currently running Xert on my Garmin 520 (which I am using to cotrol my trainer) and using my phone for Zwift (in the process of setting up a Smart TV which I will cast Zwift to via my android phone.) If I’m not mistaken, I would need a laptop/PC for Zwift into which I would be able to load Xert files? Is this correct? Or is there another way to go with my current setup?


Welcome to Xert, btw! :smiley:

Not necessarily. Because we have mobile apps & Garmin app, there are many, many ways to make the setup work… I used the Zwift on Laptop, Xert EBC on smartphone/tablet option since that’s likely one of the most readily available options for people. There’s actually a good number of Xerters who don’t have a Garmin to use.

In your case, the overall setup would be similar, but you’d want all your sensors (including your trainer) paired to the Garmin using the Xert workout player. Then, pair only Power (and Cadence/HR, if desired) via bluetooth to the Zwift app (ensure trainer control is disabled in Zwift).

  • Side note: This would also be similar for those that want to use Xert Workout Player on Garmin with Zwift on ATV.

Hope that makes sense!


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Thanks for the welcome! Really fascinating analysis on Xert!

As for running Zwift/Garmin 520, sounds good, I’ll just continue to run the workout through the Garmin 520 and ride Zwift via bluetooth as if the trainer is a “dub” trainer…That’s actually how I have been running the 2 workouts I’ve done already!


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I gave it a try today on SMART - Say It Ain’t So workout.

It was a great workout, and seemed just designed for my profile.

I used a MacPro and an iPhone on a KICKR Bike. I used the popups in Safari to run with the Zwift screen. I did mess up the ERG mode for the first half by having controllable on in Zwift. Once I fixed that, it seemed that ERG worked properly.

So did this workout adjust anything “on the fly”? If I had uploaded this workout to Zwift, how would my experience have been different?

Thanks for your time Scott!

do you need ant+ to run the xert power gauge on a laptop?

Yes - as mentioned in the video, Zwift will almost always grab a trainer connection if it can! Happy to hear that it was all sorted for you once you got trainer control disabled!

Say it Ain’t So uses XSSR (curved) intervals throughout the workout - see the workout steps below.

Looks like you’re using some of the older remote player pop-outs… the new workout chart is Color-coded and also displays your live/actual data on top of the ‘target’ workout charts. You can use the pop-out buttons from the ‘Recommended Training’ tab:


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Good question… No! You only need ANT+ for your laptop if you wanted to run another app like Zwift.

The Xert remote player doesn’t connect to sensors at all! It only displays data being collected from the Xert EBC app or Xert Workout Player for Garmin.

Apple TV doesn’t support a browser or browser window overlay.
However, you could run Zwift on a MacBook with Session Player pop-outs and mirror that to Apple TV.
I assume you could also run Session Player and Zwift on an iPad in split screen mode and mirror that to Apple TV. Not an ideal screen layout but it might work. Anyone doing that to confirm?

Quick question. If I use the Xert EBC app to record data, does that also get pushed to Strava, etc? Or do I have to download the file and upload in Strava and Garmin Connect?


Select Sync on sidebar menu.

Garmin Connect only supports sync FROM Garmin not TO Garmin.