Workout integration with Wahoo

The problem is that there is no way for Xert to send a workout to Wahoo.

The ideal way would be that Wahoo opens up an API, to which Xert and other platforms can send workouts, which will then be put on the Elemnt via the Elemnt app. Wahoo has chosen to implement this functionality for a limited number of platforms, like TrainingPeaks and Trainerroad. Garmin on the other hand has opened up an API, on which workouts can be uploaded.

Your issue is with Wahoo, not with Xert.

Absolutely. Wahoo with their closed ecosystem are going to obsolete very quickly. Companies that don’t open their API for fear of others developing features they won’t even implement are just shooting themselves in their foot.

Hammerhead needs to scale up their operation tho, and become a bit more responsive to adopt new features. But the Karoo2 is starting to look solid, and the option to run EBC is just killer in my opinion.

Everything that Garmin wanted to do with iQ, but with the stability of Android.

Funny thing is that even Wahoo runs on an older android platform, would be cool to hack it into a monochromic EBC… nah.

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Wahoo isn’t obsolete yet. Still no explanation for why Xert workouts can’t be transferred to Wahoo devices. My guess is Xert wants all or nothing - no ability to use SMART workouts means no deal. Obviously Xert could easily provide means to transfer the usual FTP based workouts to Wahoo devices (just like TrainingPeaks, Today’s Plan, and TrainerRoad) but they are choosing not to. It reminds me of the Xert iOS app issues (doesn’t support landscape and no Apple TV specific app). Whether it’s arrogance or resource allocation is for you to decide. I suspect both.

I would really like the option of sending to wahoo try doing some outdoor workouts easier. Tried out trainer road and it is so nice to just click a button and to have it appear on your headunit.

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Yes, the integration between TrainerRoad and Wahoo Element works very well.

I would also like to have the custom data fields (XXS, MPA, …) on the computer.

As a new Xert user. This sucks. I understand it. Being that I’m a developer myself and I get to work with API’s at work. You can only work with that data you get back from the service you trying to work with. Sometimes it’s just out of your control. I really like my Wahoo head unit and don’t play on buying a new computer any time soon. Hopefully Wahoo will open their doors to the data in the future. :weary:

It’s been like this since we started so I don’t expect them to open things up. Your best option is to buy an inexpensive Android device and use that for doing workouts (or as a back up head unit). Far better than using the Garmin or Wahoo workout player. I’ve been using one for workouts and as my bike computer for more than 3 years.

Which android head unit do you have?

Search AliExpress for Cubot Kingkong Mini 2 (4" screen, size of a Garmin 1030) or Kingkong Mini 3 (4.5" screen).
Add a stick-on (3M VHB tape) quarter-turn mount; also available on AliExpress.
You will need a power pack for rides longer than 8 hours. My KKM2 is down to ~6+ hours runtime after two years as my only head unit, outdoors and indoors.
BLE sensors only.
EBC app supports my Garmin RTL515.
If caught in rain I transfer unit to Ziplock bag in jersey pocket.


I also have a Wahoo, but would like to test out Xert features on the road.

Are the Xert iOS and Android app similar, or do they have different layout and features? Also, why would you prefer the Android app to Garmin?

I haven’t found much content on YouTube reviewing the Garmin, iOS and Android features.

The core features of EBC are the same on iOS or Android, but the Android app has additional features conducive to running EBC as your head unit. For example, the ability to define which data fields are shown on which page. The iOS version has a fixed subset that pales in comparison.
There isn’t much point in Xert expanding the iOS version as Apple phone options are limited in scope (price and form factor). The Kingkong Mini 2 shown above is < $100 USD.

My journey with head units is described in this post –

Android EBC highlights –
Quick Start Guide: EBC – Xert (
Scott’s Top 5 Xert EBC Features! #shorts - YouTube

Generally, cycling media sites recommend Garmin, Wahoo devices and don’t review phone options that might replace them. This may change as athletes become more comfortable using their phones. There are better and better mounting options and can be used together with lights that act as power banks that allow them to record all day. Many in my cycling club have gone this way and the numbers are increasing as members look to replace their current head units. Seems like a no-brainer really but mindsets are often hard to change.

Garmin devices are many times more expensive than a cheap Android phone if the main purpose is to do workouts. Our Garmin Workout Player is good (award winning even) but was built with Connect IQ which is far more work for us to enhance, maintain and support than an Android app. Android apps are easier to write and debug and new features can be added much more easily than Connect IQ. Indeed in the future, we may need to discontinue support for our Garmin datafields/apps depending on the direction we go with the Xert 2.0 exercise model. There isn’t a lot of flexibility to do complex computational algorithms on them.

In terms of the apps, we designed the Android app to be more of a general workout and activity recording device that you can use on your handlebars whereas the iOS app is more for workouts but can also be pocketed while recording outdoor rides.

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