Training Advisor recommendation (focus and target)

Hi all. Training Advisor is suggesting the following

Does this mean that it wants me to do intervals of ~48 mins at 229w ? OR accumulate ~48 mins, say 3 x 16 at 229w?


Hi Hernan,

Great question! The focus type indicates where on the Power Duration curve you should be working. In this case, that happens to be your ~48 min power.

Therefore, I would read this as “work at/near your 48 min power (229W) until you accumulate approximately 262 XSS”. You don’t necessarily need some form of structured intervals, but you easily could do some form of 4x10, 3x15 etc. if you’d like.

Keep in mind that if you were to do all 262 XSS, you would have a surplus of 242, so you likely wouldn’t need to do all 262 :slight_smile:

Hope this helps a bit!

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That is one of the best explanations I have seen of probably the most commonly asked question about Xert.

However, why is it suggesting 262 XSS when that will give a massive surplus? Indeed 262 XSS a in one session is a pretty big effort anyway.

The recommended XSS considers the surplus/deficit plus what you typically do on a particular day of week.

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I’m going to hijack this thread a little, I’m trying to calibrate my head to working out in the xert way. The training advisor suggested interval targets for 3hr hour, 297w

I went for a ride, warmed up for 15 mins then held average 300w for 50mins and ended up with a focus of near enough 1hr

@ManofSteele Would doing 3x15min @ 297w have resulted in the 3hr power focus?

Also looking at the workout creator it would be helpful to see the focus of the workout being created in a time (number) and not just “endurance”

Scott, my only follow up question is, if what you say is true (and I believe it is). Why is it that the recommended workouts don’t approximate the training advisor recommendation?. In my example I don’t see any workout that has that type of prescription for work.

Thanks a lot.

The workout recommendations are simply looking to approximately match the total XSS and focus duration.

In my (personal) opinion, endurance rides are (sort of) an outlier simply because focus duration becomes less important once you get beyond 20 min power - this is because the contribution to power outputs less than your 20 min power is almost 100% low XSS. What I usually do when recommended focus is > 20 min power is to simply accumulate XSS below LTP. I start trying to match the training recommendations a little closer once the focus gets into the sub 20:00 focus. Hope that makes sense/helps!