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Having just got going with Xert.
I’ve set my goal as continuous base. I’m currently in the Pre base phase. When on the training tab it has recommended an Endurance workout, but it has selected Pure and Hard Power Road Sprinter (focus sprinter).

This seems strange as I have selected Time trialist. Is there a reason for selecting Random workouts?

That’s normal for the pre base period. Your base training hasn’t started yet so you are free to choose any workout you fancy. Just use the filter to get whatever you are looking for - endurance etc. Then when you hit the base period you will be offer base applicable workouts.



Looks like it’s because that workout is rated 1 diamond and that’s what the advisor prioritized. We’ve updated that workout and you should see things a bit better. We’ll need to add a greater selection easy endurance workouts into the library so this doesn’t happen mistakenly.

Thanks for pointing this out.

Yes. This too! Easy fix.

Welcome aboard.
Lots of newbie tips in this thread if you haven’t seen it already –
Beginner questions - Support - Xert Community Forum (xertonline.com)

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Hi ok thanks for that. I’ll take a look.
I’ve actually had three years of not racing, so I’m just using Xert for some training. Furthermore, I decided to go with continuous training for the time being.

Though today the software seems to be indicating I should do openers 44 xss, even though adaptive training is recommending an Endurance workout of 84 xss. Not sure why this is…

You’ll want to just ride for a couple weeks and feed XATA data reflecting your day to day activities and any weekly pattern you might establish.
With a Continuous ATP you will see a variety of workouts around your selected Focus (athlete type). You can use Filter to change duration and type if you like.
I recommend newbies play with the various knobs and dials and note what each one does. You can always set them back, but you’ll want to interact with Xert on a regular basis.

When you are at one star status (low TL) the selection is limited but at 2 stars and above the library expands. Status stars count corresponds to workout diamond count. The higher the count the more difficult the workouts especially when form goes to blue or green.

You want to consider all components on the Training tab where you’ll find both general guidelines for an outdoor free ride to focus along with recommended workouts typically ridden indoors. Stars status color is predicted current form while the chevron color on the pacer needle reflects calculated form 24 hours from now. The pacer needle shows where you’re at for the rolling seven day period based on the TL you establish by setting an IR.

Here’s a post from someone with a high TL to start with but same principles apply.
XATA - what does it say? - General - Xert Community Forum (xertonline.com)

“Endurance” in this case refers to the quadrant and focus type duration (20 minute or higher are lumped together). It’s not what you may traditionally associate as an endurance ride. You can open a workout in Workout Designer to see focus type, strain ratio (low, high, peak XSS) and specificity.
Related – Training Advisor recommendation (focus and target) - General - Xert Community Forum (xertonline.com)

Quadrants on the spider chart –

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Thanks very much for your reply. It’s definitely making more sense to me now. I’ll have a
a good read of your links.