Should XFAI recommend more training this week?

I won’t be be able to do my regular long weekend rides due to travel, so have updated for the lack of availability (or opportunity for recovery to see it the other way). I’ve also increased availability before the weekend, thinking XFAI may overload me this week (again noting the recovery opportunity).

The planned volume in the coming days is not enough to even push me red - should XFAI give more volume this week? (I will likely do more volume anyway and then adapt forecast, so am not asking how to deal with it, just whether there is an improvement opportunity for the algorithm)

A picture tells 1000 words - April 30 to May 2 recommendations are ‘unconstrained’ but I think I can push my form more negative given the four days off thereafter… and that would reduce the TL fall over the week. As an aside, it will take 3 weeks to recover the TL from those 4 days off, if I don’t overload before. I guess the algorithm figures I can still meet my goal without doing that(?) but I’d rather build / maintain the load now in case something else comes up in future…

Can you show the Forecast chart and have the Form dots show?

I can but it’s probably too late now as I’ve done two of the three rides for this week and have since adapted the forecast:

I did rides of 106XSS Tuesday (vs 113 forecast) and 153 XSS Wednesday (vs 80 forecast ) and am now red… will be blue tomorrow and only just red after tomorrow’s new forecast ride (125 XSS which oddly is higher than the earlier forecast of ca. 110, despite having done much more on Tuesday and Wednesday)… will have 4 days off thereafter…

I suspect this is the case - hard to say without seeing the whole forecast chart/program. If you really want to do something as part of the program (and get a green circle), you can select a workout/activity, pin it to the forecast & adapt, then the desired ride/workout will be included in the program before your travels.

Alternatively you could just ride indoors/outdoors anyways and adapt when you’re back! Looking at the high-intensity session later this week, looks like you might be due for an easy/endurance ride :slight_smile:

Hi @wescaine, Kindly double-check your availability on the day(s) before your travels & increase them if you have more time. Xert will only schedule as much XSS as what fits into your available time. Cheers!

That’s what I had done for Tuesday and Wednesday (at least that’s what I intended - I have no way of checking now) - I set to ‘use adviser’ and ‘flex’. Thursday I’ve left restricted (as I am). It’s really the Tuesday and Wednesday ride which I would have expected to be much longer as I had removed availability restriction.

I guess it’s easy enough to test on a dummy plan to see if you get the same thing… or I can try again at some point

The key though is that XFAI will only overload your training within the availability constraints if you have forced rest days after. If you want it to add more, you can increase your availability on the days preceding the rest days and it should add more to compensate.

That’s what I tried to do, unless there is a trick to ‘forcing rest days’. I basically set availability to zero for the four days I’m out, and removed the availability constraint for the Wednesday (actually added availability with no time restriction). Yes, it added a workout on Wednesday as expected, but that workout was only ca. 70XSS, which meant I was nowhere near red even by Thursday (per original pic). To optimise I would have expected XFAI to add even more strain given the additional recovery. (You could try yourself and see what happens :slight_smile: )

Is there a better way to mark a ‘forced rest day’?

Wasn’t the forced rest (just marking a day as unavailable) but the “no time restriction”. We don’t have that option. The system will look for your past patterns as a default but will default the durations as flex. Flex however, has limits in terms of how much additional training gets prescribed. I believe you ran into these limits when you ran Adapt Forecast.

Ok, yes it was just flex and ‘use adviser’ as opposed to a time limit, which I thought was ‘no restriction’

Overall not a biggie - I know I could pin longer workouts or just ride more, just thought XFAI could do that overload for me

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