HOW TO: Adjust Forecast Around Preferred Workout/Activities

In this thread, I’ll guide you through the process of incorporating your favourite workouts or activities into your overall Forecast AI training program. Xert offers the flexibility to adapt your training program to accommodate the activities you want to prioritize, whether it’s group rides, virtual races, or beloved workouts that deviate from the original Xert Forecast AI recommendations.

To adjust your program around your preferred workouts or activities, follow these steps:

  1. Start by navigating to the day you’d like to schedule your favourite workout or activity on the Xert Planner. Hover over the Forecast Placeholder and select the ‘Choose Training’ option. Avoid using the ‘+’ button - that’s reserved for additional training on top of Forecast recommendations.

  2. The window will display the original Forecast recommendations for that day, but you can disregard these since you’re planning to schedule something else. If you have a specific workout in mind, use the filter or text search to find it. Alternatively, you can use a past Outdoor Ride or Virtual Ride as a template for the duration, distance, and XSS of your upcoming activity. To include older activities (>3 months ago), disable the ‘Recent Only’ option in the filter menu options. You can also manually input the predicted XSS, Focus, and Specificity using the Manual Entry option. In this example, I simply picked an old ride that I’d like to do again:

  3. Once you’ve selected your workout, activity, or entered the details manually, use the ‘Pin’ option to pin it to your training forecast. Keep in mind that your planned activity may not perfectly align with the forecast placeholder and may appear coloured Orange or Red. This will be addressed later. Pinning the activity signals to Xert to adapt the rest of your training forecast around it.

  4. Finally, click the ‘Adapt Forecast’ option and Xert will modify your training plan accordingly, considering the pinned activity. After saving the adapted forecast, you should notice that Xert adjusts the forecast such that I’m blue status (fresh) before starting the activity - if possible - and the forecast placeholder now shows a green circle:

We hope this guide helps you seamlessly integrate your preferred activities into your training program. If you have any questions or encounter any issues, feel free to ask for assistance in this thread!

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Potential Issues to Consider when Modifying/Pinning Activities to Your Forecast:

First, consider the impact of continually choosing workouts that might not align with your overall program goals, even if you like them. If you need to train your Peak Power (as a sprinter) but you keep doing non-sprinting high-intensity workouts that keep you in yellow status and prevent you from being fresh enough to sprint, it may no longer be possible to achieve the required improvement in Peak Training Load your Forecast AI training program requires

For athletes using XFAI to train for a target event, be cautious about pinning activities too close to your Target Event Date. As you approach your event, there’s less flexibility to deviate from the Forecast AI Recommendations. Deviating too much from your forecasted training could impact your ability to arrive at your event with the required freshness. For example, scheduling an intense workout the day before a critical race might affect your performance negatively.

For example, if I try to pin an all-out 30-30 workout the day before a Target Event, Xert throws the following error: “Could not create taper week” :


Is there a way to do this recurring? It seems that needs to be done individually every day.

Not at the moment - something we could consider though!

FWIW, I usually sit down maybe once a week and plan just the upcoming ~7 days since I don’t know what I’ll be doing much further in advance than that anyways. You can try using that approach and see if it works for you!

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Will the Forecast AI recalculate the future sessions as you complete sessions, or will you have to force it to recalculate by clicking the Adapt Forecast button. For example, if I choose to do a workout on a prescribed rest day, or I do a workout with different intensity vs. prescribed, won’t it be appropriate for Forecast to readjust future workouts?

You will need to use the ‘Adapt Forecast’ button for that.

We thought about automating this process, but we were worried (from some initial feedback) that some users would be very frustrated if they spent the time planning out their workouts for a few days (or a week), then uploaded an activity and all their planned workouts were suddenly removed because of the updated forecast.

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