Selecting a workout

What is the best way of getting a selection of workouts to choose from that are all basically under LTP?

Click on training, then workouts
Click on filter
type endurance in search and then set focus to endurance
this may give a few rides with intervals above LTP but should also give many rides at or below LTP

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Thanks: Tried that and this is what I got sorted by focus

First sub LTP workout was on page 3! Even 24hr Focus workouts have stuff between LTP & TP.

I would leave that ‘Xert basic workouts library’ community to start with (or deselect community workouts in the filter if you want them for another purpose). Bit off topic but to me 1) there are too many that are too similar, 2) many don’t reflect how % ftp workouts are actually prescribed e.g your screenshot shows it - have never seen such short tempo intervals prescribed and it’s really not a reflection of ‘ftp based training’ (normally they are longer with the aim of extending them over time eg out to 90 minutes). Maybe they have use for riding to focus (other than endurance) outside, I guess

Then you may want add a difficulty filter if they are still too hard. Eg keep below 2 diamond (or lower for very short workouts, maybe a bit higher for longer ones). And you could like / favorite the ones you’d like prioritized in future, if they are just too far down the list.

And if that doesn’t work you can create your own and then filter for those in your personal library

Or even easier, just ride and stay below LTP :wink:


“Endurance” plus difficulty set to a maximum of 2.5 stars does it for me. But then you might find you don’t have enough time available to get anything “suitable” i.e. workouts that provide appropriate stimulus.

I have made myself a bunch of custom workout variations that all look something like this:

Thats what I have been doing so I suspect I’ll just carry on doing it.
Good tip about the %ftp workouts Thanks

LTP is roughly ~66XSSR unfatigued so max Difficulty for a sustained LTP workout is 66. If you search for workouts with less than 66 (2.5 diamond) difficulty and Endurance focus they should mostly be below LTP and the efforts above it should not be significant.


Option C:

They are “basically under LTP” and rated 3:00:00 Focus.
15 entries to choose from paired with a BTW video and Spotify radio channel or play your own music.
Since you are selecting from the library to run on-demand (Play Now) you are in solo session mode.
They are 75 minutes long but in solo mode you can easily move from one session to the next and record as one activity if running Android EBC. IOW ride as long as you want.

Option D:

Search Workouts Library for “free ride - endurance” in quotes.
Pick one from 60 minutes to 6 hours. :man_shrugging:
Ride in Slope mode staying mostly in blue while watching/listening to whatever you want. :smiley:

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If you’re just looking to ride below a certain intensity, why not set slope mode & free ride? Or set ERG manually to some value, like this:

I’ve been using this for plenty of my endurance rides all winter long - using Xert EBC for Android, I start a free ride activity (indoors), when I switch to ERG mode and gradually increase the set point as I warm up. Once I reach my target intensity, I can pick a good podcast, show, or movie and ride to accumulate the necessary XSS. IMO, much easier to hit my training targets, since I usually assume I’ll rack up about ~60 XSSR (e.g. I know I can close a 90 XSS deficit with about 90 min of endurance riding on the turbo), and the difficulty is always moderate (approximately 60-65 Difficulty).


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and watch safa Brian :sweat_smile:

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When setting slope mode and free ride, do you use 5% slope? 0%? Somewhere in between?
I’ve thought about doing such but was unsure where to set slope %
haven’t taken the time to experiment with such.

Tap the mode in the EBC app until you see SLOPE mode, then tap the +/- buttons to adjust slope up/down 0.5% at a time.

It’s been a while since I’ve used SLOPE (I’ve been lazy and have used ERG lately :wink: ), but I’d recommend something like 0.5 - 1.0% for easy/endurance effort.

I just play around with the gear and slope until I can pedal at the cadence range I want in the power range that I want. ( I’ve got a single chainring and quite a wide spaced cassette on the bike at the moment)

Thanks That’s what I’ve been doing. Up until recently I was setting the wattage using Erg but after listening to the Empirical Cycling podcast recently I’ve switched to slope. Strangely for the same power output I find it easier in slope. I presume it something to do with the constant micro increases in power necessary as Erg tries to maintain the power.
On a side note , what basically is the difference between Resistance & Slope?

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From this EBC mode article

  • SLOPE – This trainer setting allows your trainer to hold a virtual slope. When you switch to SLOPE mode, you will need to use your bike’s gearing and your cadence to meet the interval targets.

    • You can adjust the simulated slope percentage by tapping the UP/DOWN arrows on iOS and Android. Each tap adjusts the simulated slope up/down 0.5%
    • Generally, you’ll find that a “false flat” slope of approximately 1.5 – 2.5% will provide the best results, but feel free to experiment on your own and determine what works best for you.
    • When moving from very low powers (< 150W) to very high powers (>300W), you’ll notice a bit of a lag as your trainer spins up and gains inertia. Once at speed, you may notice a slight drop in power, so you may need to shift up another gear or increase your cadence.
  • RESISTANCE – This trainer setting simulates a magnetic or fluid ‘dumb trainer’. Similar to SLOPE mode, in this trainer mode, you will need to control your power output through usage of your bike’s gearing and your cadence.

    • You can adjust the resistance percentage by tapping the UP/DOWN arrows on iOS and Android
    • The amount of resistance varies from trainer to trainer, so if you plan to use this mode, you may need to experiment and find the setting which works best for you.

Some trainer apps allow you set a default resistance %.

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They sound the same to me. What am I missing? :slight_smile:

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From my experience, there is no ‘standard’ setting for resistance. It can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer (and model to model). Slope is universal… 1.0% slope is always 1.0% slope.

IMO, always use slope. :man_shrugging:


I’ve been monitoring my progression on both XERT and Garmin. At Garmin, I was advised to do more High Aerobic Workout. Can you recommend workouts that are highly aerobic-focused? Thanks

How would you leave the “xert basic Library”, I also joined but may benefit in the same way.

Same way as leaving a club, team, squad or coach library.
In this case go to Communities - My Coach and leave the Basics Workout Library from there.