Running as a second sport

I primarily want to use Xert for cycling training, but I also run a bit. I’d like Xert to take my running into account when deciding how fresh / tired I am, but I don’t care about using it for running workouts (and I don’t measure running power).

I just discovered the setting which allows Xert to make estimates based on heart rate, and this means it’s now taking into account my running and strength training activities. That’s all well and good but now it has increased my base training hours a LOT.

I’m wondering if it makes more sense to leave my non-cycling activities out of Xert altogether?


There is an update due sometime soon which will allow multisports logging. Scott or Armando would be the best people to provide details.



Hi @xertedbrain @ManofSteele,

Is there any update on this? I’m having the same question as @lizrice.

Thank you for your help.


Any updates on multisport support?


We briefly started development on multisport last year, but that’s been temporarily delayed. We’ve utilized the pandemic as an opportunity to pursue some other neat projects (should be out very soon…).

We will likely be returning to multisport again sometime this year. No definitive ETA at this time, sorry.


Really naive question : When I use stryd, as running power meter can I use the same proposed training from cycling??

See this thread: Stryd Activities from Strava affecting bike FTP? - Support - Xert Community Forum (

In general is it worth uploading running workouts to xert or best not to right now?
If it is worth adding them, should I enable the setting to estimate work based on heart rate.
If the estimate setting isn’t enabled does this change anything for me cycling wise?

Hi Scott,

Is there any update on the multisport version of xert?



Any update?

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I second this. @ManofSteele

Hi @oldcyclist65 @bfrostie :slight_smile:

No update at this time. We made some good progress on test servers, but have been spending some time on a few other projects.

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Ah no problem Scott. Thanks for the update and look forward to whatever goodies these new other projects are :+1:

Always fun stuff going on here! Few smaller updates in the pipeline for the next couple of months, as well as some larger (long term) projects with no set timeline :sunglasses:

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Sounds :+1: :ok_hand: :+1:

Thanks for the update and looking forward to it. I was hoping for some triathlon support, but I guess I will have to use my triathlon work-around for now.

What is your triathlon workaround?

this is not the Xert recommended method, but it has worked for me

I upload all bike workouts with power. To try to account for fatigue from running, I upload my runs with heart rate.

You cannot upload running workouts with power. It will mess up your power profile, since running and biking power are not the same. I actually switched to using Garmin HRM Duo heart rate monitor so my watch does not record run power. I have actually not found running power to be useful anyway.

I have used the same approach. It seems to work well and the cycling fitness predictions seem to be more accurate when running data is included.

If you look at this article Specificity | Alan Couzens it explains that specificity isn’t as important as we have been lead to believe. You can also see that one can expect the same cycling VO2max gain from 32 minutes of running as you would from 23 minutes of cycling. In other words, time spent running is expected to provide around 72% of the benefit that equivalent time riding would.

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Interesting article. I have had a long string of running injuries and have been toying around with only running twice a week and filling in with extra biking. Based on that article, I probably wouldn’t be losing much by dropping my third run.

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