Running as a second sport

I am trying using Xert for running, swimming & cycling with two accounts as Xert recommends. I came across a post on Playing with Xert– Part 3 | The Athletic Time Machine (very old now) that suggested a way to manually add in certain elements of a run/cycle workout into the opposite Xert account. This way it seems to be accounting for my stress level without affecting the Power metrics e.g. MPA, PP, of my specific discipline’s signature, or at least I think so. My Xert run has the XSS, focus etc calculated in my Run account which I then manually enter into the Cycle account. I am assuming that this will use both the appropriate signature, Power & HR thresholds to calculate the run’s XSS, specificity & focus so will be better than stripping out Power fields & letting e.g. my Cycle account calculate a Run’s XSS but presumably based on my Cycle’s signature. I can then decide which discipline’s workout to do on the day based on how e.g my legs/arms feel, time already done for each discipline that week/fortnight & whether I want to do e.g more running or cycling in that week. This seems to make sense to me but I am very new to Xert & so naive as to whether this makes sense to others or has significant drawbacks.

With swimming I am just allowing both accounts to import the swims from Strava on the assumption that it will base XSS on HR and not mess up anything else. I then manually change the Focus & Specificity for the swim workout based on what type of intervals/workout I have done & how Xert grades similar styles of run/cycle workouts. Again makes sense to me but perhaps might have drawbacks?

Any thoughts of Pros & Cons of this method from others would be much appreciated.



Since now there is a separate profile for running, I use the XSS calculated in the running profile and enter it manually into my cycling profile planner.
I assume this is the best way in order to get the best recommended workouts based on deficit and fatigue?
Or is there a better way in doing that?

That’s what I have been doing for a while, but it is not officially endorsed.

I am playing with the idea to import all my activities into my running profile, but flag all non-running activities. Flagged non-running activities would still add XSS.
Similarly in my bike profile, import all activities but flag non-bikes.
For triathletes, your third and final profile could be swim, where you flag all non-swims.
This would give you three profiles with three different fitness signatures with the total XXS taken into account.
However, as Xert-support have said repeatedly, PP strain and HIE strain are not equal between sports and should therefore not be pooled together.

Revision: My idea has a big flaw; importing a bike activity into my run profile calculates the bike XSS based on my run fitness signature, and vice versa. It is thus better to manually cut and paste XSS between sport profiles.

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