Stryd Activities from Strava affecting bike FTP?

I run with a Stryd power meter, it seems that these runs are now being added to my Xert performance and significantly changing my cyclingbprofile. I run much better than I cycle and now my Smart training sessions are too hard to complete.
Is this known and is my only resolution currently to stop the Strava sync?
Any suggestions.

You shouldn’t mix fitness signatures from running and cycling. They are very different. You should filter run activities from entering your cycling account. Many Stryd users have separate accounts for jus their running data on Xert. If you are interested in having 2 accounts, send and we can describe what’s needed for this.

Can you explain how to filter activites? I thought I had read somewhere (maybe an old DC Rainmaker review) that you could set Xert to only pull in bike activities but mine also grabs running/walking etc from strava.

Go to ‘Sync’ -> Strava, (de)select activity types…


Hi! How about just synching non cycling data? It should go to xert?