RPM question

I don’t have a smart trainer.
what cadence RPM should I keep in the workouts you offer me?

Whatever feels most comfortable for you. Most athletes are between 60 and 120 and depends on power output.

I’ve had a positive experience with the Cadence Optimizer.
You don’t need a smart trainer. Just a power meter and cadence sensor.
If you have a Garmin device you can add this data field:

Otherwise the Cadence Optimizer gauge is shown on the Activity screen of the Xert app on an Android smartphone. I am not sure if it’s been added to the latest iOS app or not.
The Cadence Optimizer is calculating your optimum cadence range based on torque so lower cadences at lower watts and highest spin at your top watts.
You can always perform cadence drills independent of the optimizer, but I don’t recommend going lower than the recommended range.
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