Progression dial(?)

Hi newbie here.
Just started using Xert. I can’t see the dial or tachometer, whatever you want to call it, on my pages. Can anybody explain why this is? It was there prior to me going premium.

Better share a screnshot.

I changed the metrics to “Challenge” with 4 week progression and low and behold it came back Joerg. So obviously has something to do with the training settings.

Do you mean the training pacer?
The needle that shows you whether you are on schedule, ahead or behind on your training?

It is always found in the training tab near the top of the page.

Tabs are, Activities, Training, progression, planner etc.

The Training Pacer gauge on the Training page is visible when Goals is set to Continuous, Challenge, or 120 Day Program under Target Date.
In this mode XATA provides guidance on a day-to-day basis without populating the calendar. You might decide to add specific workouts to next week but otherwise the Planner reflects your past activities or selected activity for today waiting to be completed.

With Forecast AI the Training page instead displays Today, Tomorrow and the following day’s activity from the Planner.
In this mode the Planner is pre-populated with recommended activities up until your goal or event target date. IOW a map is laid out for you.
You choose type of activity each day under the recommended training list which will closely match the forecast. If you decide not to adhere to the forecast each day you can adapt the forecast forward as needed or recast the plan if your schedule changes along the way.

Welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

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Thank you Ridgerider2, that helped a lot.
What I am finding, is that Xert produce many fine tutorials but all seem to be focused on features but not on “how to”. :grinning:

I think I have solved it now.