Outside cycling with xert

i’m sure this is duplicate, so any pointer to the right thread to read up is equally appreciated.
with winter over, i’m moving to outside riding, and i want to keep using xert, but what is the best way to do so?

  • the garmin xert workout app doesn’t seem appropriate: I’m riding across traffic, corners, traffic lights,… so the “strictness” of an indoor workout (duration at a target power) doenst correlate with that

  • so i should use the TTE - from my profile page, I can take the recommended focus-power, and overall workout XSS score: so i know what power number to stress, and how hard my overall ride needs to be.

now, how long do i target each interval to be? is that by choice:
eg, today I will target 5 x 3min bursts… or today I will ride my target 4 times, and i will make each attempt from fully recovered to a TTE of 2min, or every time i cross a bridge I’ll sprint it up, and by the end, i see if with that i reached my XSS for the day, if not, i add a couple flat intervals?

I think this last paragraph is the most realistic scenario for outside riding (unless youre on a closed circuit)
excited to see if this type of riding has an impact!

Hey Bruno,

If I do an outdoor training session, I refer to XATA prior my outdoor ride (Look at the interval target and workout XSS goal) and use the Garmin Xert fields on a Training Profile on my Edge 1030. It’s less structured but I try to hit the specified interval target and remain in my specified Focus target.

Yes, your interval length will be by choice but I usually use the TTE and TTR Garmin field as well to gauge my efforts.

I think you have the right though process here :arrow_up:. By using XATA and Garmin Xert fields, you are still training but with less structure.

I rarely use the Xert Garmin app because I find it hard to follow the exact intervals and juggling traffic and changing road conditions.

Hope this helps


See this post and related links that detail what @brazoo is describing (free ride to Focus) –

This helps, thx!