Xata free ride recommendation

After reading a few posts that advised looking at The xata free ride recommendation, where do I find it?

The highlighted section below is an example of free ride to focus advice for the day.

Clicking the (?) icon next to Focus Type links to this article that explains the process –
Understanding ‘Focus’ and how to use it – Xert

Related posts with some tips and video link –
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Takes a few rides to learn the process but fun to do whenever you want to free ride with purpose. :smiley:

For a deeper dive on the concept of Focus Type (aka duration) listen to podcast #21
Stream episode Episode 21 - Making Things Simple by Shifting Paradigms by Xert Breakthrough Lab podcast | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Hi Ridge,
Thanks for the explanation and links, btw, I found the pic we were discussing. My email is tomcaldwell9014@gmail.com if you wanted to send me your contact.