New user, training for an event?

Good morning, I am a new user moving over from Trainer Road after dealing with some burnout and lack of motivation to complete the TR workouts. I love what I’ve learned so far about minute by minute adaptive training, and I completed a 45 minute endurance ride on my android device yesterday to test out the app. It all worked well. Similar to having TR on my phone but it wasn’t as boring with some more data to look at while riding.

My biggest question so far is how to set up a training plan. I’ve got a race coming on March 30th, a 100km gravel race. The Beta AI forecast is not able to find a training plan for me no matter how much I adjust the parameters. After deleting a couple strava rides where my power meter died, my fitness signature is now in line with what my AI FTP showed on TR, but still no luck.

Would it be better to just do continuous improvement and implement tapered weeks on my own as my races come up?

Thank you.

Hi @TexanDad , welcome!

Would you mind sharing what you’ve tried so far? Including some screenshots might be helpful - with there being infinitely many possibilities for starting training loads & target training load(s) it can be difficult to provide suggestions without seeing what’s been tried.


As you define the event settings on the FAI Setup Guide, you’ll notice the Focus Duration and Specificity is changing on the bottom two sliders which are greyed out.
For example, a Flat Gravel Race is quantified as having a Focus: Rouleur (6 min power) and Specificity: Polar (more threshold).

If for any reason the Event option isn’t working for you (we can figure out why when you post a screenshot of your Setup Guide settings), you can alternately switch to a Goal and enter an improvement in watts for the target Focus Duration and Specificity.
If similar result with a Goal target it’s likely due to your current Training Load (TL) and the Max Weekly Hours you can commit to.
In either case post your desired Event settings so we can better advise you of the next steps.

In the meantime, you should find my Onboarding post for newbies of value –
Onboarding steps for Xert Trial users and newbies - General - Xert Community Forum (