New user - Breakthrough workouts concept = high intensity workout?

Hey folks - been watching the first three videos, and uploading data, checking out graphs and so on.
One thing that struck me was trying to understand terminology, and I think I’ve got it with breakthrough now - basically, breakthrough is about going off and doing a high intensity workout so that the platform can see where you are at (and then the platform will flag a metric it considers relevant (power metric presumably).

So it’s not necessarily that I’ve made a breakthrough - it’s just that i’ve reset my ‘numbers’ in the platforms ‘view’ of me - is that right?

(in plain English, for me a breakthrough would be a highest ever 1min,2min,5min,10min etc power sort of thing)

AM I getting this right?

Another one is difficulty - difficulty means intensity?

A BT (breakthrough effort) is all about MPA drawdown and proving your mettle under fatigue or in the case of PP (peak power) demonstrating a higher PP (actual watts) or your sprint potential under fatigue (estimated PP).
For details see this article – Breaking Through the Xert Way! – Xert (

Your fitness signature will also fluctuate without BTs based upon changes in TL (Training Load: volume and intensity) and lack of training (decay method).

For Difficulty explanation see this article – Difficulty Score – Xert (

Also check out my Onboarding post – Onboarding steps for Xert trial users and newbies - General - Xert Community Forum (

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Will get that onboarding article read later - thanks.
So I think I’ve confirmed difficulty is a synonym for intensity from reading, so that’s cool. Intensity makes more sense to me anyway from workout based indoor stuff.
BT - I’ll read your article first on onboarding (I’ve watched the XERT video). MPA isn’t something that’s usable as a progress measuring tool as far as I can see, but again I’ll read your onboarding thing. It’s more of a fact that as we go beyond threshold we tail off and vice versa.
Just trying to work out what is what (compared to say Strava fitness, or Training Peaks (which I’ve stopped) so see if I can work out in 30 days if this is a platform that can add value for me.
Thanks for the reply