Need help on how to choose between AI forecast advice - ai generated workout - workout suggestion

Hello, let me start by saying I’m new to Xert but having been trying to get a grasp on the how everything clicks by reading a lot on here and watching the academy videos.

One thing that isn’t very much clear to me is how do I actually pick an optimal workout? I understand that Xert has broken the XSS I need to achieve down into the different work allocation ratio’s. However based on these, I seem to get very different suggestions, from a human perspective.

First there is the description that AI forecast has generated on what I should be doing (long efforts at or above threshold).

But then the AI generated workout that the system comes up with seems to have a very different signature (that leads to the same work allocation ratio’s) but still matches the focus (Polar Climber)

Finally the suggested workout(s) below that don’t match either the text description nor the focus, while still coming close to the expected allocation ratio’s.

How do I choose between any of these? Does it matter at all how I achieve the required XSS ratio’s? Should I stick to the AI forecastg description as much as possible? How important is the focus here, should I disregard the suggested workout because of the difference in focus?

Thanks for taking the time to answer as I’m feeling a little post!

Several issues to unpack here.

Are you actually starting with a TL of 4 or is your historical data not uploaded to Xert yet?
Until you reach 1 star status your training level is classified as Untrained so rather than follow a plan you could simply ride as you wish for now.

There isn’t much value in forecasting a plan with a target date that far into the future (148 days from now). As you get closer to 100-120 days out you can start an XFAI plan to populate the Planner. In the meantime, you are better off with Program set to Continuous with a blank calendar as you raise your TL. You’ll be following XATA guidelines with a selected focus duration and improvement rate while you learn Xert. This will more closely match the current docs and videos as XFAI Beta content is in flux.

The workout library is limited at the 1-star/1-diamond level. As you reach 1-2 stars library selections will expand with many more matches to choose from.
Autogen is your best bet to generate a workout that matches the XSS ratio goal for the day when optimal selections are limited or not found.
There can be a range of workouts that achieve the same goal based on distribution of low, high, and peak strain and RIBs (rest-in-between). Over time you’ll learn how to quickly identify the differences by the color-coded thumbnail charts, MPA drawdown line, and difficulty (shaded portion of the chart). If you mark your favorite workouts, they’ll appear higher on suggested lists in the future or disklike ones you prefer to bump down.
Also consider the training advice will include instructions on how you might free ride outdoors without following a structured workout and achieve the intended strain goal for the day. That is a learned skill worthy of a separate topic. :slight_smile:

Lots of newbie tips are in my onboarding post if you haven’t read that already.
Welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply, I am indeed starting at zero (or TL 4 as you describe) after being away from the bike for several months and thus have very little historical data in the past 9 months. I wanted to start building my fitness in a more structured way this time around and since the weather this spring has been exceptionally poor I figured having access to an guided library of indoor workouts would help me get started. But I get the feeling Xert might not be the right tool at this point as it seems to need a lot more data to make sense.

Could be that Xert supplements structured workouts on the various platforms, and that might be something you can consider at some point.

I find the structure of three of the existing indoor platforms pretty good for getting the workouts done.

Like you, also evaluating Xert, and so far have found the data is often all there, just trying to make best use of it. I’m hoping to finish a 6w ‘period’ shortly and get a report of what changed in those six weeks, along with the planned/actual workout efforts as well for example.

Hope you find what you’re looking for alongside Xert

You can set ATP to Continuous while you raise your TL. After a couple of weeks XATA will recognize any weekly pattern you establish and the guidelines will begin to reflect that.
The platform is structured behind the scenes even when operating with a blank calendar.
When you reach 1-star status (TL=25) you could begin experimenting with an XFAI plan and set an interim goal rather than setting a target event date in September.
For example, improve your 8-minute power (GC Specialist) by X watts over a 10-week period.
Or concentrate on building your base by improving 20-minute power (Sprint Time-Triallist) with the majority of workouts in the endurance quadrant.