Importing structured workouts in xert

Coaches who have extensive libraries in other platforms could definitely use some import tool.
I would be happy with something that would allow me to import a ZWO, ERG or whatever else you prefer, into the library.
Manually recreating all the workouts is not feasible and a significant barrier.
I’m really digging this platform and the tools you have created, but if you have any interested in attracting coaches to transition from TP or similar, some of these tools need to be in place.

Also not having a template for plans that can be applied to different athletes is a big limitation. I would generally have a template I can apply to different athletes and then tune it up for the specific needs/goals. Currently in xert I’m limited to create plans only manually, day by day.

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Thanks Marco. Xert is a bit of a re-engineering of sort, so things like importing workouts or training plan templates, don’t leverage the real value of the platform. Totally understand that this creates a bit of a barrier for coaches applying and using assets they have developed over the years. Things like workout design is very different in the Xert ecosystem and using %FTP for workout targets isn’t really recommended, hence most workouts may have to be adjusted once imported. Additionally, having multiple workout definitions to accommodate those that need higher %FTP targets vs those that need lower targets can be replaced with 1 workout.

We continue to look at various new features that we can add to the platform, including those for improving coach/athlete productivity and communication. Thank you for your input.


Hi Armando, anything new about this?. I have some workouts in my Training Peaks library, most of them consist of simple intervals at given %TP. It is not a big deal to recreate them in Xert but it would be time saving to have the possibility of importing them directly into Xert.


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I would also find this handy!