Importing structured workouts in xert

Coaches who have extensive libraries in other platforms could definitely use some import tool.
I would be happy with something that would allow me to import a ZWO, ERG or whatever else you prefer, into the library.
Manually recreating all the workouts is not feasible and a significant barrier.
I’m really digging this platform and the tools you have created, but if you have any interested in attracting coaches to transition from TP or similar, some of these tools need to be in place.

Also not having a template for plans that can be applied to different athletes is a big limitation. I would generally have a template I can apply to different athletes and then tune it up for the specific needs/goals. Currently in xert I’m limited to create plans only manually, day by day.


Thanks Marco. Xert is a bit of a re-engineering of sort, so things like importing workouts or training plan templates, don’t leverage the real value of the platform. Totally understand that this creates a bit of a barrier for coaches applying and using assets they have developed over the years. Things like workout design is very different in the Xert ecosystem and using %FTP for workout targets isn’t really recommended, hence most workouts may have to be adjusted once imported. Additionally, having multiple workout definitions to accommodate those that need higher %FTP targets vs those that need lower targets can be replaced with 1 workout.

We continue to look at various new features that we can add to the platform, including those for improving coach/athlete productivity and communication. Thank you for your input.


Hi Armando, anything new about this?. I have some workouts in my Training Peaks library, most of them consist of simple intervals at given %TP. It is not a big deal to recreate them in Xert but it would be time saving to have the possibility of importing them directly into Xert.



I would also find this handy!

I have to agree that this is a BIG flaw with the current Xert system. I also have many workouts in TP that still cannot be imported into Xert.

I have an idea for a potential solution but first I need to know what files types do other platforms export their workouts in?
For example, Xert let’s you export to zwo, tcx, or erg.
Is there a common format most support or does it vary by platform?

Could you provide examples of workouts that you would like to be able to import? 4 or 5 will do.

zwo files appear to be pretty standard across the main systems.

Any zwo files will do as that format can be exported from TP.

Export some from your own app and use those.

TR allows the automatic pulling of workouts from TP. Just the ability to import a zwo file to xert would do.

I think @xertedbrain is looking for actual examples of workouts from other platforms to determine why users want them to begin with if there are better versions in the Xert library that provide equivalent strain the Xert way.

I haven’t researched this but I guess TCX originated with Garmin, ZWO of course is Zwift, and ERG might be considered a standard from Computrainer days? Where did MRC originate?

Here’s my thought –

  1. Agree on a standard file format supported. My guess is ERG is as brand neutral as you can get.
  2. Allow users to import files in that format. They do NOT go into the library but get placed into a new folder called Imported.
  3. You can go to the Planner and select Imported (new option besides Workouts and Activities) and drag and drop an ERG workout onto the day you want to ride it. It is treated as a selected workout for the day (dependent on your AS OF time setting).
    Or you can select Filter for Recommended Workouts and there is a new checkbox labeled Imported. If enabled imported workouts are included in searches (duration and name only unless difficulty and focus are also possible).
  4. Xert EBC would load and run the old-school %FTP block intervals as TP absolute values.

This way you haven’t sullied the Xert library :smiley: and you can ride whatever workout you want on EBC.
Granted you are missing out on all of the benefits of SMART intervals and adaptive workouts scaled to your current fitness signature, but hey. :man_shrugging:
Introducing Smart Workouts – Xert (

All kidding aside I think the better approach would be a template feature (as @zenturtle
mentioned) where you can quickly build a SMART workout based on duration, focus, and type then add it your Personal or Coach folder. But that’s another story.

The trouble with ERG is that it exports as Wattage values, rather than percentage of FTP. This would mean that you’d have to make sure that whatever software your exporting from has the same threshold value as Xert to avoid a scaling error.

MRC exports as a series of rows showing the start time and percentage of FTP for each step and would be a better option as you don’t need to sync the TP values between platforms.

Not sure why you’re so against imported workouts going into the user’s workout library - TP% is just as valid a way of defining a workout as any other in Xert. Not as flashy perhaps but just as usefull depending on the type of workout.


Do most other platforms support MRC export or is ZWO the only common format other platforms support that contains %?

I don’t think you want to pollute the Xert shared library with old-school %FTP block workouts that don’t factor in XSSR, difficulty, and fatigue. There may be a few curated ones in there, but the majority of workouts are not based solely on %FTP blocks.
There’s a reason I was able to complete 100% of Xert recommended workouts at 100% intensity over a 6 month phased progression. That continues to present day although I occasionally pick a tough workout I struggle to complete at 100%. But I’m not bailing out and that says something about the Xert library of workouts. :thinking:
I am sure if I go back in my activity history I can locate some pre-Xert workouts from other platforms that I failed to complete. My guess is I would fail them again. :face_vomiting:

I suppose you could just as easily allow import into the user’s Personal folder but an Imported folder would offer a clear distinction whereas Personal would become muddied with a mix of Workout Designer copies and imported workouts.

But back to @xertedbrain’s request. What are some concrete examples of workouts users would like to import into Xert? Not random “oh, this looks interesting” but something you would consider as a favorite non-Xert workout to do.

Trainingpeaks supports ZWO, MRC FIT and ERG.

Trainerday supports ZWO, MRC and ERG

Haven’t looked elsewhere.

Why would they go into the shared library though? Any workout that a user creates goes into the ‘Personal’ library which is where they should be.


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Agreed if Imported folder isn’t a desirable option. I was just suggesting an easy way to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Sorry but I’m struggling to grasp why I need to download workouts from xert just so @xertedbrain can look at them.

Just take any zwo file with a %TP interval and use that to see how to import them to xert from TP.

Xert allows users to export a zwo file to use elsewhere (zwift etc) so why not allow the importing?

@xertedbrain is asking for examples from OTHER platforms to evaluate them.
I don’t use other apps anymore so I don’t have Fulgaz, TP, TR, etc. to grab any “favorites”.
He’s looking for actual examples of workouts you ride regularly that you can’t find in Xert.
I guess screen grabs from the other apps will do. Post some screenshots of favorite workouts you currently do on other apps. Also indicate what export formats are supported.
Most likely support ZWO export as you noted, but are any other formats supported?

I’m still really struggling to understand why?

All I want to do is import a workout into xert. Preferably into my personal folder list of workouts.

What difference does it make where its coming from?

Okay, here, create a workout in zwofactory, download it and allow it to be imported into xert.

You guys are WAY overthinking this or are just looking for excuses not to do it.

Zwofactory is used by many, many people to create workouts…

Any update on when this facility to import a workout will happen?

It’s a showstopper for me right at this minute. I have workouts on TP that I would like to ride using Xert EBC but cannot. I’m having to use the TR app to ride them just now. TP workouts sync perfectly to TR.


Not likely anytime soon at the moment. So many options out there for people to do regular old workouts, some totally free. Use the free ones and not have to pay anything.

So why did you ask me to send you 4 or 5 workouts?

Well I’ve come to realisation that xert is no longer suitable as the inability to import workouts is a major flaw in your system.

I’ll not be resubscribing.