Import .zwo Zwift workout into the Xert fitness planner?

I’ve had success exporting Xert workouts to Zwift/.zwo Now some of my teammates (that don’t use Xert) have created 4 weeks worth of .zwo workouts for Jan, 2 per week. I’m wondering if I can import these into my fitness planner, and plan around them, so to speak. I know, just from scanning the intervals from within Zwift, that these 8 sessions are not as spot-on as Xert workouts suggested for me would be, given where I am in progression. But it would be nice to ride with my teammates. I tried just click and dragging the .zwo file onto the calendar in the planner but that didn’t work. I realize I could recreate each workout interval by interval from scratch, but that isn’t worth it. If there’s not a full import capability, maybe I would just input the XSS/TSS expected into the Tue-Thursdays? That would be pretty easy to do.

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Recurring topic: since the platform is able to export to ZWO/ERG, I would think the import should be possible too.

Believe it or not some of us have also Python scripts that generate workouts with specific characteristics, but then they still need to be manually input into Xert.
I would be happy even with a plain csv file import using XERT workout format.