Importing structured workouts in xert

Doing workouts on Xert is obviously an important feature for us but, as you likely have realized, it’s not our only value proposition. We have plenty of very good workouts to choose from. Many cannot be matched on any other system in terms of their precision and personalization to every athlete. We don’t have the same compliance challenges. Listen to our podcasts on workouts to understand why.

Many (perhaps even most) workouts that I’ve seen from other systems are flawed. Someone that understands Xert would likely see that too. Hence, show me 4 or 5 workouts and I’m sure I’d be able to point out a flaw or two in them.

If all the value we provide doesn’t outweigh the need to do old workouts using EBC, then I don’t think we’re the right tool for you. There are many great other tools out there, some as I mentioned free of charge, that have all the import, search and personal workout library management functions already developed.

Hate to see you leave but I can understand your perspective.

This feature is on our roadmap but not a priority at the moment. Given the many items we have on our roadmap, driven by strategy and user demand (scroll through all the posts to see all the great suggestions offered by users here on things people have asked for!), you can appreciate the amount of ground we have to cover.

All the best.


Hi Thread!

We have been working on and testing a new workout import feature in Xert that can help users ‘Xertify’ their existing workouts from other platforms (currently support for ZWO, ERG, and MRC files) and take advantage of Xert’s SMART workout features (XSSR, SMART Power/Duration, %LTP, intervals).

There will be a few options to add Xert’s SMART features to the intervals within the files:

  • Intervals below TP can be imported in a variety of ways:

  • Intervals above TP can also be imported and leverage Xert SMART intervals (MMP, SMART Power/Duration and MMP, XSSR, or plain old %TP - but who uses that with Xert? :wink: ):

Still working on initial testing at this point, but figured many of you may find this an interesting development :slight_smile:


Well … I would love to do Alpe D Huez which I did a few times in Zwift. Add a different element to the experience albeit Xert won’t have the scenery

You can run both, I let xert control my trainer from the phone app while connected to zwift on apple TV with trainer control disabled. You can also do this with the PC.