How planner works

I decided to try planner to see what it will come up. Here it is:

Next week awaits me 3 days of Sweet-Sport@75% - Classic 2×20 back to back.

Also what I find strange that all days till 21nd included I have 16 XSS training deficit.
On 22nd I see 214 XSS training surplus.
On 23nd 223 XSS training surplus
On 24nd 236 XSS

Can somebody explain what is going here?

My Goals:
Target Event Date: 08/15/2021
Athlete Type: Triathlete
Improvement Rate: Slow

I know populating the Planner sounds like a good idea and many who arrive here from traditional planning platforms have the same reaction. However, it actually runs contrary to how Xert works best.
A week at a time is all you need to plan and even that isn’t required. You’ll understand why this works better when you become accustomed to Xert’s new way of training. It may take a couple of the phased progression cycles to fully appreciate the benefits.
Recommended daily workouts can vary depending on how you feel and which settings you adjust as you train. Changes may include dialing IR up/down, adjusting freshness feedback slider, workout filter selection, varying days per week, mixing indoor and outdoor rides over the week, switching athlete type, and how often your signature changes.

It may seem unnerving at first that you don’t have a filled out multi-week plan on a calendar, but rest assured one is operating in background through XATA and adjusting daily based on your activities and responses.
Consider that you are in charge of your weekly allocation including rest days, when to ride easy, long, outdoors, or test yourself, add more recovery, etc. You don’t want a pre-populated calendar for weeks on end emulating a cookie-cutter plan. Xert is a dynamic interactive method of training by power. That is a big shift compared to traditional multi-week plans.

The pacer needle shows if you are on track. 11am-1pm is an ideal range, but no need to worry about making up a deficit or carrying a surplus as XATA absorbs any difference during it rolling seven day cycle. You can be up one week and down another but still on track for phased progression or maintain fitness at a desired training load level.

Coaches may populate the calendar for longer periods when they have specific goals in mind for clients. Also note the preferred method of populating the planner relies on selecting past activities and favorites with drag and drop. That’s best determined over time as you move through the phases and learn the system. Then apply what you’ve learned if you’d like to structure and plan your week ahead.

So in summary XATA is your day-to-day “planner” and that plan can change at any time based on settings (athlete type, improvement rate, freshness feedback, target event date), how well you are responding to recommended workouts, which workouts you select, and what outdoor rides you do. Factor in scheduling conflicts, sick days or injury, weather, and life-just-happens events and you get the idea. :slight_smile: Best not to plan too far ahead.

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Since your TED is set more than 120 days out that puts you in pre-base which means there is no specific guidance used for the focus of your training and the advisor simply offers a wider variety of workouts near your Athlete Type. XATA comes more into play once you enter Base phase with higher intensity workouts appearing in the mix at some point during Build. That is many days out from now unless you decide to shorten TED and move to Build which could be stretched out later by changing TED again.
OTOH you can’t go wrong with more base endurance activities. :slight_smile:

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I felt also stressed in the first days. Trust the system and relax. You just have to feed the model with your daily workouts for it to learn more about you. You do not have to worry about planning ahead. In fact I do not use the planner. For me this is a great advantage as it reduces my stress level. We have also the freedom to change the workout recommended or take the day off. The system will analyze your activity anyway and will accommodate accordingly future workouts according to your goals :+1:


How exactly does this planner work?
Do I have to enter a workout myself every day?

Is there a description of it somewhere?

Watch this portion of the Improve series video as it explains how deficit/surplus and form work with the Planner and how the Planner is designed to be used.
Episode I3 - Mastering Xert - Improve - The Adaptive Training Advisor - YouTube

The Planner is a what-if-I-do-this tool for the week ahead but is not required. Many Xert users never enter workouts on the Planner. With Xert you can simply pick from the daily recommendations list or ride outdoors to a Focus Duration point. Or decide on a group ride, ZRL event, etc.and Xert will adapt to whatever you do.

This Academy series video covers Focus Duration –
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great, thanks, it’s cool that you can also reschedule training sessions/activities that you have already completed (free rides not xert workouts).

mhhh, i planned today on the planner “SMART - Somebody Told Me -90”, but when i open the Xert App it shows me “SMART - Revolution -60” for today as Workout Ready, is this normal?

I observe same behavior. Sometimes it does. Never figured out why.

When you add a workout to the Planner (selection or drag and drop) the activity time is based on the As Of setting under Goals. The default is 11:59pm (end of day advice).
When you start EBC the assigned workout from the Planner will appear IF that activity’s start time is within 2 hours.

Solution: Make sure the activity start time for the workout is set to when you plan to do it. :wink:
You can edit the time as you add your selection to the Planner before saving, or by opening the activity on the Planner and edit the time (if you used drag and drop to add it).


thanks, then my assumption was correct, I had set 04:00 pm :sunglasses: