Event-goal: Auto-populated all suggested workouts in planner

A useful feature would be to auto-populate suggested workouts in the Planner once you enter the Base phase for all day for the Base, Build, and Peak phases on the assumption that the user would do each workout. This way, you could actually see how one’s improvement is mapped behind the scenes as it were. The system could then adjust or recalculate subsequent workouts, using the same underlying assumption, if a workout was missed or the rider did something else.

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Hi Baruch,

This does sound like a neat feature & I completely understand where you’re coming from.

However, this sort of feature does somewhat undermine the core concept of Xert, which is a dynamic training plan that follows a basic set of core principals to guide you to the target event date. Planning weeks & months of workouts is great until the first day that doesn’t go according to the plan. Does one need to “make up” that session? Does it get skipped? What if you have extra stress from outside of training that affects your ability to train on a harder week? How does the plan adjust?

Instead, the XATA follows a set of principles that will guide you along the way, and the exact details of the plan can be changed at any time (Improvement Rate, Athlete Type, Freshness Feedback, etc.), which offers far more flexibility to standard training plans. However, it does take a little more input from users. It’s part of our job at Xert to help users understand those training principles, and how (and why) they may need to change things to meet their needs.