Hammerhead Karoo 2 built-in MPA accuracy

During an outdoor ride, I use the Xert MPA and 5-second Power fields on my Karoo 2 (the built-in ones, not EBC) as a way to get possible breakthroughs. Today, I’d swear that - during a big effort - my MPA never dropped to within about 150W of my 5-second Power (according to the figures displayed on the Karoo 2). Yet when I got home and uploaded the data, Xert said I had a breakthrough, with the MPA Analytics (set to “Previous” Signature) shows my MPA dropping much further than I recall. Am I going mad, or is there something I’m missing?
Thanks in advance.
Chris (recent subscriber)

Verify if Xert server connection works properly by running EBC on the Karoo.
Should say “Loading your Fitness and Progression data…” then display Home page of the EBC app if successful.
I’m not saying you need to run EBC for the data fields to work, but the login connection needs to work to ensure your fitness signature on the device is up-to-date.
Also, calculations on XO server are more robust than is possible with a data field.
A related issue can occur if you do use EBC and see a “Breakthrough!” message, but not when the activity is uploaded to XO. Or the XO analysis determines a Near Breakthrough.

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Hi RR,
I haven’t connected via EBC for a while but, when I have, I haven’t had any problems. But it could be your “fitness signature not up-to-date” suggestion. That, said, the values on the Karoo 2 look reasonable - just not the same as I’m seeing in the browser.
Ooh, I’m interested in your statement “calculations on XO server are more robust than is possible with a data field”. I’d hoped that the right figure would be the right figure no matter the platform (though I accept the calculations might be complex).
Yes, I’ve read your Onboarding Post. Lots of really useful stuff for us newbies. Thanks!!