Garmin IQ datafield XSS and XEP values

I was training with my Garmin 1030, and my target was 380 XSS.
I did according garmin XSS data 410. But at home noticed at XERT app that actually XSS was only 278.
I saw on start that datafields were updating. How there can be such big diffrence between device value and web site value. Should those even be the (closely) same, or is there diffrent algorithms behind calculations?

Possibilities –

  • You need to pair your Garmin though Garmin Connect on your phone to ensure your signature is up-to-date on the device before a ride.
  • The XO server removes spikes and errors while the Connect IQ field does not.
  • If a BT occurred during the ride your signature is updated and results recalculated on the server.


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Double check that the signature you see on the Garmin screen when it updates is the same as your latest signature. The two XSS values have a big difference so not likely the algorithm. Most likely the signature has not been updated and you’re using one from some time ago.

At least I have correct values (latest) at MPA field and power color codes looks right.
I have my Garmin connect paired with device correctly (as ex. live track works fine)