Garmin Connect MPA & XSS Data Field Issues


I can connect and use the Xert player perfectly on my Garmin Edge 520, but when out training, and simply using the data fields, both the MPA and XSS data fields do not seem to pull from my Xert profile settings. My MPA is 904 but the data field shows 1200 with the orange symbol, after around 10 minutes the orange symbol turns red and it displays a message saying “check settings”. I have my phone connected with garmin connect app running reading “connected”. I have already approved the connection to Xert online as the workout player app on my Garmin functions perfectly.

What “Settings” can I check to fix this? Any troubleshooting recommendations?

Check the FAQ. The process can be finicky with Garmin Connect/Express.

Will do

I did find “5. Here’s the part we wish we could change (we can’t unfortunately). Using Garmin Express or Garmin Connect Mobile you need to update each of the Data Fields with your Xert username and password so that it can access your Fitness Signature. For each of the Data Fields select ‘Settings’ to find the username and password entry fields.” in the FAQ which I had not done previously. I’ll follow the steps precisely, including removing the fields as they are now, and reentering them with the sign in.

This fixed the issue.