Garmin IQ data fields are extremely buggy and totally unreliable

Title says it all really. This is very frustrating, as now they have stopped working altogether on both an Edge 1030 and 820, even though the user/password are correct, all connection works to both my phone and WI-FI. I also wasted a lot of time with all the black magic BS like resetting, rebooting the devices, uninstalling/reinstalling the data fields, creating a new profile on them, downgrading to a previous firmware and upgrading again. I’m fine with Xert, but all Garmin products and tech are full of bugs and total rubbish. Can’t you partner with a real company like Wahoo or something?

I can understand the frustration. Once you finally get things running and working without issues, all of the sudden something happens - firmware update or GCM update - that causes them to stop getting updated. Usually Garmin addresses things if either of them need to be updated. Sometimes a re-install of GCM seems to do the trick for some.

We’ve had a few reports of issues. Users appear to have been able to resolve their issues by reinstalling Garmin Connect Mobile. Not sure if it well help in you situation.

I did a short 45 min workout last night. My XSS reading was 222 on the Connect IQ app which was obviously way too high. The actual workout when uploaded was 73 XXS. I was thinking of using these data screens on a TT at the weekend but this doesn’t give me confidence the data Im looking at is accurate.

Did the GCM reinstall thing, but it still didn’t work. Changed my Xert password to something even more simple (using numbers) than what it was before (simple chars), and now it works. Whoever works at Garmin on the software side actually needs to learn how to code, and Garmin QA is simply a joke. Yes I know I’m ranting, but Garmin is a cancer on the industry, and they just don’t seem to care about their buggy products once they got our money. :frowning: