Forecast AI and session's duration

Hi, I’m a new XERT user.
I tried to make a plan with Forecast AI till end of January.
I set max 7 hr/week and a target 8 min power from 235 to 240 (a higher power setup gave me the message “You might exceed your maximum weekly hours”).
XERT created this plan:

At the end the weekly hours are far below my limit. Why?
I train indoor only and for this reason I would like to have session not longer then 1,5 h.
Does it possible to set a hour session limit?
I would prefer more sessions (even every day) of 45-60 min.
Thanks for your suggestions.

Now go to the Planner and define an availability schedule by selecting the clock icon button on each day of week. Then forecast again using Forecast AI option under Goals.

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