For case AI, Planner, Training Advisor?

Hello, if this has already been discussed, please point me to the thread. I am new to Xert and liking it so far.

I used the ForcastAI feature to plot a course through June for me. It ran, said my goal was attainable but I would at times run over my planned availability (I expected that). My question comes with what’s next?

In the planner I see the forecasted workouts with a large XSS, when I go to the training page, it’s showing me a different number. For example, today the planner shows me doing a 100XSS session, but training advisor say I need 38 and recommends a workout of 0XSS…

Not sure what to do or follow…any help is greatly appreciated!

If viewing the advice on the iOS app, the app currently doesn’t recognize FAI Beta plans.
Instead view all on XO ( where the Planner and Training page should match.
With an FAI plan active the Training page should display a 3-day window from the Planner.
Select your workout from there and when you start the EBC app your selected workout will be listed on EBC. If EBC was already running when you made the selection on XO, swipe down to resync with XO. You can then run the workout on your phone.
As the workout starts on your phone it can also be displayed on the XO Session Player.

For next steps you should find my Onboarding post for newbies of value –
Onboarding steps for Xert Trial users and newbies - General - Xert Community Forum (

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I was reviewing on XO (don’t know what EBC is yet…) Usually when I play the workout it is from my iOS, but I only started with FAI this week so I have not run an workout just yet since it was nice out yesterday and I opted to ride the MTB. Here’s a few screen shots, from what you describe, I don’t think it’s lining up…maybe I didn’t fully complete setting something up?

And another ( I can only do one at a time apparently)

Select Program icon in upper right on XO to view this –

If you select Target Date and set Target Type to Goal or Event you’ll see an FAI plan mapped out on the Planner and a 3-day window on the Training page.

If Target Type is set to 120 Day Program or you have selected the Continuous or Challenge button, the Training page will show the Training Pacer and the Planner will be blank.

With a blank calendar you follow the advice noted on the Training page from day to day with the pacer needle indicating whether you are in line with your settings and defined ramp rate.
With a Forecast AI plan you are following a mapped-out course on the Planner, choosing workouts that fall within the guidelines of your plan.

So basically, there are two modes of operation both driven by XATA (Xert Adaptive Training Advisor).
One gives you full flexibility to make daily decisions with the option to change course at any time.
The other limits your flexibility and plots out what you should do to meet your goal or event settings but can also adapt to course changes along the way (skipped day, different activity selected, etc.).


@ridgerider2 - that answers my question, thank you!

Should I also assume I will only see “Adapt Plan” when the platform discerns a need or opportunity to do so?

Correct. The Adapt Forecast button only appears when an FAI plan is in play.
The button will show a red dot on it when you have drifted enough off-plan. For example, miss days, do a hard group ride when forecast called for easy endurance, etc.

The two modes operate as follows.

Mode 1 –

Continuous or Challenge = blank calendar where your day-to-day form (tired to fresh) dictates whether you are recommended endurance level or high intensity workouts against your selected Athlete Type (Focus Duration) and Improvement Rate (ramp rate).
The Training Pacer tracks a moving weighted average of your XSS over a rolling 7-day window.
Keep the needle within the 11am-1pm position and you are “on track”. Dip towards red and you are falling behind (ride more to catch up which might simply be a long weekend ride). Or push the needle past 2pm and you’re movint ahead of plan (ease up or take a rest day).
Consistently falling behind or pushing ahead? Adjust ramp rate to better match your schedule.

Target Date with 120 Day Program = blank calendar mode as above along with a phased progression running in background. I.e. Base phase to Build phase to Peak phase with a Taper alert the week prior to target date (so you arrive fresh for the event).

Mode 2 –

Target Date with a Goal or Event = Forecast AI pre-populated calendar consisting of mapped dosages of low and high intensity workouts between now and your target date.
Variable ramp rate and periodization is built into the plan itinerary.
Drift off course enough (schedule conflict, skip a day, high intensity instead of low, etc.) and a red dot appears on Adapt Forecast button. Run Adapt Forecast to re-balance your plan moving forward.
As long as the red dot doesn’t appear you remain on course similar to the Noon-ish position of the Training Pacer.

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