Cycling and Running (again)

So, last post about this seems rather old. I do run and cycle. I have been using Xert for a while now for running. That’s because a) I do not yet have a cycling power meter and b) it seems I need 2 accounts.

About that last statement. Is it still true?

I think for running Stryd now has a great offering for training. And a workout app on my Garmin. But nothing cycling obviously. Xert looks like it is in a great spot for me and other dual sporters to offer both. But it’s a little weird to need to accounts and not have both together. Cycling does makes my legs tired for running and vice versa.

Any thoughts or experience doing both?


Background - I am a triathlete (sprint, olympic and 70.3IM distance). I have been using my cycling account with a power meter and importing my runs with HR so I don’t have 2 different sets of power data. The runs with HR get “derived from heart rate” data. I mostly have done this to try to allow the system to account for fatigue from running, while prescribing workouts for cycling. Note, I have never seen someone from Xert recommend this method, but it seemed to work for me.

Cycling and running here as well. I don’t have two accounts for this, just one. I do running with HR derived metrics. Set this way, my signature and freshness / Training load data may not be 100% precise. But it is good enough for me.


I use a Stryd, so I don’t want to contaminate the system with my running data, but would like to have the system recognize my overall fatigue … even if it’s not entirely cycling-specific, it’s still fatigue. :slight_smile:

@bfrostie How do you remove the power data from your runs? Do you do it manually before adding to Xert?

@jfc I only can record running power when I use my Garmin HRM-TRI heart rate monitor. So my simple solution was to switch to a different heart rate monitor. I don’t think that would be an option with Stryd.

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Thanks @bfrostie … I wish there was a way for Xert to strip / ignore power from non-cycling activities so I could track my overall fatigue with heart-rate derived metrics.

I tried to find a way in Xert to strip power, or ignore power before just changing HR monitors. Honestly, I never found a use for running power, but I never trained with it. It wasn’t a big deal for me to not record it.