Remove Running Power to Derive XSS from HR

I no longer use a Stryd for my runs but I use a Coros GPS watch, which records running power. Is there a way to have my runs imported from Strava and strip the running power values so that my training load can be derived from the running activity heart rate recordings?

I get that running and cycling are different, and I don’t want to “pollute” my fitness signature, but even though my runs can no longer be categorized as “epic” :slight_smile: they still add fatigue that I’d like XATA to account for when prescribing a cycling workout.

Is stripping running power on import possible today or would this be more of a feature request?

UPDATE: To be clear, my primary training is cycling. I’m no longer training for both running and cycling and wanting Xert to handle both in the same Xert account. This is a different question … it could be about cycling and rowing instead of cycling and running, or cycling and any other sport that measures watts other than cycling … how can I have Xert strip watts on imported non-cycling activities and use HR values to assess training load?