5 red stars and "Training Necessary"

Hey all, I am in a trial period with XERT and try to get my head around it. I have been using Intervals.icu with lots of fun and understanding, but can see some gems in XERT. However can anyone explain why having 5 red stars as status the app on my phone still tells me that “Training is necessary”, also being in a surplus of XSS…
Thanks for any response, cheers Gijs

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Hey Gijs - I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to that, but welcome to the forum.
I’ve just finished a one month trial as well, and am still working through some of these aspects too.

What is even more odd about that status of yours is that means you’re “very tired”, and you must also have a pretty high training load (Xert describes your efforts as Pro Level training)…

Maybe if you’re history is at that kind of level, Xert is thinking that even when very tired, you can do more? So if you’re doing 20 hours a week (random number, I have no idea) and you’ve only (haha) done 15 this week, it thinks that even when you’re very tired, you should be going further in to the red?

Do you still have your icu account open? What does it say for form?
There are def aspects about the ‘simple’ form/training stress/fatigue that I find easier to ‘see’ on one platform vs another.

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To adequately answer your question will require some more info such as your current Program settings and how much power data history has been synced to your account.
In the meantime, I suggest you go to the Training page at XO (xertonline.com), preferably on a PC/laptop/tablet, and read everything on that page including the help tips (?).
The iOS phone app provides a small snapshot while the Training page includes all the details.
You could also post a screenshot of your Training page.

Reference –
Training with the Xert Adaptive Training Advisor – Xert (baronbiosys.com)

You should also find my Onboarding post for newbies of value –
Onboarding steps for Xert Trial users and newbies - General - Xert Community Forum (xertonline.com)

Hey Scoob, thnaks for your response! Yes I certainly am still on icu and will be because I realy appreciate their flexibility, the ease to understand the intuition of the application and last but not least David’s reponse time to any issue/question, change you want to see etc. My form is -17 (green) coming from blue and grey by 2 days of complete rest Monday en Tuesday after some challenging days, but not having been in red since 3/4 weeks ago. Mostly I flirt between grey and red so being in green. I have a weekly training load in icu of about TSS 1.000 which corresponds with 15-20hr training time per week. I can see your explanation and that could well be it. This week I am quite behind in the hours (due to 2 full rest days) less so in the XSS. I downloaded three months of Strava data so that should be OK I guess. I will see how it goes. I looked at many XERT videos and I see screen lay outs in their presentation of the the laptop application (IOS) I havent. I guess if I subscribe that could be different. Or it is that I went for the AI Beta planner, and get based on my settings (event over 120 days) not those training advice and flexibility in the planner to see but got a fully planned calendar with I believ zero rest days…:blush:. I also can’t see in that one how my status changes over the calendar in the future from red to orange, blue etc…I have to play around a bit more to see what happens if I don’t use the AI training plan builder. Thanks again, cheers Gijs

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Hi Ridgerider thanks for your response with the tips, and links! I have synced all 3 months of Strava data, and the program settings is that I used an event that will ask for over 600 xss in 3,5 months time. Having 15-20 hrs available per week for training, and used the AI training plan builder to come up with an advice. I use mainly my laptop, and have read quite some stuff and looked at a great number of videos, which are very useful but could it be that as a subscriber you get more possibilities than being on the free trial period? I don’t see the same screens as the presentation shows me. Could also be attached to the fact that I used the AI builder so far, so I can’t play around a lot in the calendar/planner. Will change that and see what happens…Cheers, Gijs

I’m not positive what’s active in a free trial versus a subscription but here’s a comparison chart.
Compare Plans – Xert (baronbiosys.com)
I didn’t think XFAI was functional during a trial but apparently that has changed.
The documentation is being updated to reflect XFAI but you will likely find older articles referencing how XATA works with a blank calendar and the prior version of the Planner.
Once XFAI Beta is officially released new videos will be made available covering the changes and new features. In the meantime, this forum is your best resource for both old and new content questions.
XATA with a blank calendar works when Program is set to Continuous or Target Date/Target Type: 120 Day Program.
XFAI with a pre-mapped plan works when Program is set to Target Date/Target Type: Goal or Event.
Nothing is cast in stone so you can flip back and forth between the two modes. .
Experimenting is how I learned to use Xert best. :slight_smile:

Hey @gino3004 Gijsbrecht no probs.

It’s good to share insights from our trial periods.
Like you I also found a usedulness for the ‘metrics’ side of training in icu and can see a benefit in both at the same time (I’m trying to reduce subs and find ‘one’ which is why I’m trying Xert).

Like you - as I’m using iOS and Windows (in my case I only use a PC if I’m through in that room and usually that’s related to indoor training - otherwise I do all my stuff on iOS) I’m finding I’m seeing one thing in one device and another in the other. And I think it’s because the newer (I hesitate to call it AI as it’s actually code with more parameters …) offering is more adaptive than the offering on iOS (the adaptive training adviser) and once set up on my account on the PC, that information and suggestions/advice isn’t mirrored on to my iOS instance.

I assume that either that means we have two ‘instances’ of our data in Xert’s servers/cluld service, or some of the info is held locally on our devices.

Probably needs the owners to confirm why the windows/iOS thing isn’t mirrored.

I also watched videos - and tried to focus in on the Xert terminology so I could pick up the acronyms quicker - thankfully coming from years of training and formal coaching, the training side I get, it was the variations in terms for training stress, different calls for training stress, use of lower threshold power more ‘visibly’ (everyone does it but I quite like that Xert try and out an analysed number on it)

Be interested to see how you get in with the trial.
I’ve subscribed for a month, so am on the books now. You might find it needs a month more just to see how the whole training ‘plan’ works (it has for me, especially as the iOS / Windows thing meant I effectively started again after a few weeks.

Getting back to your OP there are a few things to keep in mind with Xert.

  • XSS isn’t TSS so they won’t equate especially as strain enters high/peak load over TP.
    Form analysis in Xert is two-dimensional split between low and high/peak strain. It’s not meant to mimic models built on ATL/CTL.

  • The EBC apps haven’t been updated to sync with all the changes introduced with XFAI Beta.
    You are best off viewing status, form, and training advice on XO (xertonline.com) and relying on the EBC app for workout execution only. Viewing stats on the app is fine too but the crux of planning advice and management is best handled online.

  • There are differences in form calc and a progression on XATA with a blank calendar versus an XFAI plan. Blank calendar mode is what all of us veteran users learned Xert on. :wink: With XFAI the calendar is populated with preplanned HIT, LIT, and Rest Days in measured dosages.

  • Deficit/surplus (shown in blank calendar mode) is a range to consider rather than a number to chase down. The number also doesn’t carry forward. You can have a slight surplus with more training recommended if you have normally ridden more on same day of the week in recent past.

  • Red stars should appear after a HIT workout or sufficiently long ride and will change color at variable rate depending on the amount of strain (two-dimensional) and your current TL.

While the freedom-to-ride aspect exists in both modes (you choose what to do), the blank calendar option is open-ended providing more control and variance over your day-to-day decisions. That also means you may drive yourself into more high/peak strain than ideal followed by extended days of yellow (only LIT recommended).
With an XFAI mapped itinerary you are more likely to “stick to the plan” according to the prescribed doses. The idea with XFAI is to keep those dosages in line with your two-dimensional recovery demands. The new Forecast AI report shows calculated recovery times (days) for both red and yellow strain.
Other functions introduced with XFAI Beta include the form gradient on the Planner, ability to define an Availability schedule, and sliders to customize your FAI settings.

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