Zwift to Garmin Connect to Xert

Having a bit of sync issues. I had it set for activities Connect to Xert to Strava. I didn’t like how Garmin Connect wouldn’t use the Zwift activity name so for Zwift it went. Zwift to Strava to Xert. I wouldn’t bother with putting Zwift to Garmin Connect. I’m trying to pull away from Strava so recently I made Zwift sync with Garmin Connect, but for some reason Garmin Connect will not sync Zwift rides to Xert. I un-synced my account and realized that not all activities were checked. I checked virtual cycling (what Zwift comes up as in Garmin Connect) still no uploading into Xert. Is anyone else having this issue?

I see there is similar topics. to this from last August. One of the suggestions was Garmin Connect will not sync activities not done with Garmin device? Too me this would seem true.

Pretty sure as stated in a previous thread. Garmin it seems will not take 3rd party data and push it to another 3rd party.

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That might be the case, but it seems weird, because if you manually upload a file to Garmin Connect, then it will push it to Xert. Why does it not do so when connecting Zwift to Garmin is beyond me. If so, you may want to ask Garmin, but don’t hold your breath while waiting for an answer…

I used to sync from Strava to Xert but during the lockdown I’ve been using RGT. I always record activities and workouts on my Garmin but I had RGT uploading to Strava. This meant duplicate activities in Strava and Xert. So I’ve changed Xert to sync from Garmin however new activities are not being uploaded. I’ve removed the link to Garmin and done it again but still no activity is uploaded whether done outdoors or indoors. I’ve set it for cycling and virtual cycling.

Please can someone advise.

I’m on the 30day evalution program of XERT and I also dont get any info from Garmin Connect. No solution however. Hoping to find one here. I’m also in the dark. But letting you know that is not just yo.u

The sync from Garmin is only triggered when you load a new activity to Garmin, and it only syncs that new activity i.e. it doesn’t go back and sync past ones… is that what you are experiencing? To sync longer history (e.g. when just joining) you need to use Strava, or upload activities to Xert directly (e.g. from your bike computer or PC if stored there)

If you previously had different sync directions, i.e. Garmin -> Strava / Strava -> Xert or Garmin -> Xert / Xert -> Strava, or a combination of both - which may result in duplicates, especially on virtual rides, due to TZ differences - and you want to change anything, it is best to remove all links on all platforms.

This can be a bit of a pain sometimes. If you disable sync from Strava in Xert, disable sync to Xert in Strava and so on, then reconnect each service.

The problem with many virtual ride platforms, is that they cannot sync to Garmin, but they always save a copy (mostly a TCX file) of your workout on your PC. Some other platforms only offer you a download of your workout (also TCX or FIT).

Upload those files to Garmin, enabling sync from Garmin -> Xert and Xert -> Strava - that way, your outdoor activities, recorded on your Garmin device, also auto upload to Xert (and then to Strava)…

However, you cannot sync your history from Garmin to Xert, as stated above,

Garmin has an export function on every activity - the ‘Original’ file is FIT if recorded on a Garmin device, but you get it ZIP-ed and have to unzip it. The TCX download is just as good and comes unzipped, so that saves one user action.

Still it would be a slight pain in the butt to download 3 months of history that way, although Garmin at least was smart enough to implement ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ buttons on the workout detail page, which Strava sadly did not.

What I did. I have sync only connected to connect.

Yesterday (26.05.2020) I downloaded the ZWO form Xert and placed it in Zwift. I did the workout in Zwift. (trainer connected to zwift). Zwift places the Zwift in Strava & Connect (as configured). So far so good.

What I expected to happen is that my workout result was synced to Xert. I dont see the expected result.

I can upload manually a fit file. I tried before with a different zwift groupride, so that works.

This would make our life so much easier… please Garmin, please.

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For my Zwift rides, I sync the data from Strava. Everything else comes from Garmin (or from our workout players directly).

I don’t think I’ve ever had a Zwift ride sync into Xert from Garmin Connect.

Ok, so it doesnt work perhaps.

Reading Xertonline does seem to claim it should work

Garmin Connect Sync

Your account is currently linked to Garmin Connect. Activities will automatically be synchronized.

Click here to remove Xert’s access to your Garmin Connect activities.

I have made a support call to find out if they can find out what seems to be the issue

I think other systems have reported that Garmin doesn’t pass on Zwift activities. It could be that the activity has to originate in Garmin in order to be synced elsewhere?

This could be case, seems plausible.

I can test… but I have to change my active setup. So maybe not now, but will do very soon. I was thinking about a possibility of private & public activities… but changing it does not seem to work. Maybe it has to be public from the start

Thnx for your suggestion

There might well be an error as the result of Garmin putting the workout in the TZ of your Zwift virtual world. Watopia is like 11 TZ’s apart from my own, Richmond 6…

Strava puts it in your local TZ, i.e. the actual time you rode in your place, not Watopia or whatever…

That’s why my method - cumbersome as it is - works: I upload ANY file that is not from a Garmin device manually to Connect.

I have only just got my Edge 830, so am still sorting out sync settings (coming from a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt), but I did note that Garmin states that it won’t sync any file which is also being synced to a third party site. I had Zwift going to Strava and Garmin and Garmin to Zwift (turned off Strava TO Xert) and my Zwift ride didn’t pull through to Xert via Garmin (presumably on the basis it’s already gone to Strava?). I’ve now disabled the Zwift to Strava connection, and am hoping that my next ride will go Zwift - Garmin - Xert (as well as Garmin - Strava)…

It’s too bad Garmin won’t sync third party data, but I understand it may be a privacy thing, but if you are opting in and allowing it then it shouldn’t be Garmins problem. With all the changes going on with Strava I’m trying to remove them from the equation.

If Garmin sends the file to Xert and you have Xert to Strava active, that will work. Problem is that even if it does, you will still end up with rides in the wrong time zone. So, a Zwift Watopia ride done early on Saturday, may show up late Saturday night, or even Sunday.

Or, in my case, Richmond done early on Saturday, will show up on Friday…

I just record my Zwift/indoors rides on my Bolt (you could use your Garmin) and sync the data from that, one benefit of doing that is I get the entire activity in one file, rather than Zwift split the warm up and race into two activities, means that the entire session is recorded using the same signature. Ultimately, you only need the power data, distance, elevation etc is pretty bogus on a trainer, especially if it is a structured workout.

This is my Zwift session from last night, you can see the warm up and the time spent waiting for the race to start, in my mind, this is much more of an accurate account of what I actually did, rather than the way Zwift splits the session in to two and discounts the time I’m not working.