Zwift Hub One

I recently purchased a Zwift Hub One with the ‘click’. The click allows the use of Zwift’s virtual shifting, but requires a bluetooth connection. Meaning that my iPhone (given its lack of Ant+) cannot connect to the smart trainer, which then limits my ability to use the Xert remote player. Before the Hub One, I was using a Wahoo Snap, which allowed me to connect the iOS EBC via bluetooth and the Snap via Ant+, allowing either Zwift or Xert to control power.


Thanks for your thoughts!

The Hub does have Ant+.
Would a NPE Cable device (converts ant+ to BTE) help?

Thanks for the reply!

The Hub does have Ant+, but needs to be using Bluetooth to utilize the virtual shifting from the Zwift software. Could I use the Cable to connect the Hub to my iPhone, via Ant+ conversion to BTE? Also, are these still being sold? Can’t seem to find on the NPE website.

The CABLE has evolved in features and price. :wink:
WYÛR – North Pole Engineering (

Ah! To confirm, I can connect my Hub Ant+ to WYUR, then connect to my iPhone to get power data from the Hub, and bring up Xert Remote Player while Zwifting?

From reading the Hub One review it appears Zwift must control the trainer to use Click or can the Click connect to the trainer to “change gears” regardless of what app has ERG control?

My understanding is that Zwift needs to control its virtual shifting via the program and Hub needs to be connected with Bluetooth. Hub connected with Ant+ doesn’t allow virtual shifting.

Bought the WYUR. I’ll keep you posted on its success.

Erg Mode does not have gears, virtual shifting is off.

Virtual Shifting is really just adjusting the resistance and translating it to a power output for a specific gradient and gear (plus current speed I guess).

I don’t think this will work, Zwift needs to control the Hub to be able to utilize virtual shifting. I hope to be wrong, but I really doubt it.

Yes, you are correct that the Zwift app needs to control the Hub for virtual shifting. It also needs to be connected via bluetooth. Virtual shifting does not work with Ant+.

Delivery is scheduled for this Friday. I’ll let you know how it goes!

I’m still confused why you would need this setup. If you want to run a workout without ERG mode you can download the ZWO file and use it in Zwift with shifting, if you want XERT to control the trainer you won’t get shifting. Or do you have a workout were only sections are “free ride”?

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Sorry for the confusion. I want to connect Xert so I can use the remote player in order to see MPA while riding and racing in Zwift. It’s not for workouts.

Ah, got it. Then good luck with making this work!

Use your Garmin to show MPA.

It worked!

As a quick review, I wanted to be able to ride in Zwift while using their virtual shifting and simultaneously watching my MPA in the Xert EBC iOS app or Remote Player. The issue was that Zwift requires the use of Bluetooth for virtual shifting and iOS does not have ANT+. A big thanks to RidgeRider for suggesting the WYUR from North Pole Engineering.

I wanted to share the steps that I took since it seems that virtual shifting is becoming a bigger thing with the recent announcement of the Wahoo Kickr trainers receiving software updates to incorporate virtual shifting.

  1. Follow instructions to connect WYUR to the Ant+ of trainer.
  2. Connect WYUR to the iOS device and the Xert EBC app.
  3. Close out the Xert EBC app.
  4. Launch Zwift, allow it to pair to the smart trainer, with Power, Trainer Control, etc through Bluetooth.
  5. Relaunch Xert EBC app, select WYUR as Power.
  6. Go to Ride tab on the Xert app, Start ride

Zwift will be going with virtual shifting. Xert EBC app will show power data, along with MPA. The above steps is only for the first time you set up WYUR. Go straight to #4 for future rides.

I did not play around with the Xert Remote Player on a web browser. I’ll try that sometime.


Good to know, thanks for the Update! If that little thing wouldn’t be so expensive it would be something I’d look into.

Bit of an update for anyone finding this thread later:

For Android phones with USB-C port you can also get

a USB-C Hub
an ANT Dongle
two apps called “ANT USB Service” and "ANT Radio Service"

This will allow ANT+ connections on the phone and is cheaper than the WYUR solution (which is not even available at the moment it seems).