Zwift Apple TV 4K

Is it possible to do the overlay on Zwift with a Apple TV 4K


Now, that would be cool

I would love this. Right now I"m trying to use my Garmin to get Xert metrics whilst doing a workout on Zwift. They are not pairing. No MPA TTE pairing on device.

Plus 1 from me, I use Apple TV all the time for my Zwift etc rides.

As much as I would like this, I highly doubt that it is possible.
Armando or Scott might stand me corrected, but I think

  1. you would have to build an appletv app from scratch
  2. you would have to connect your sensors to 2 different apps (Zwift and xert) on the same device (apple tv) via bluetooth (is this even possible?)
  3. overlay apps on apple tv don’t work (as far as I know). They don’t get even pip right (just with the “appletv”-streaming app)

-> won’t happen.

Tell Zwift that you’d like to see Xert embedded into their app. We’ve had a lot of users make this request to them. Once they see enough interest and can justify the cost of development, it’ll happen.

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Hm, I have to think of a text I can send to both wahoo and Zwift simultaneously :stuck_out_tongue:

It does seem like MPA/breakthroughs especially could really add something for the Zwift app. Any regular users of Xert would of course appreciate integration. But a metric like that would seem useful to them as a way of showing improvement to users, and their ability to gamify a breakthrough in some manner with a reward etc.

However I don’t think they do much of any power data processing now? Even a lap button would be a big step up for the Zwift app. But maybe working with someone like Xert would be the fastest/easiest way for them to start bringing that to the platform. Which to me would make sense given how much “power” plays a role in Zwift riding.

Thanks Armando - will do.

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