Zone 2 workouts

Currently injured and heading into the off season, wanting to do a bulk of zone 2 workouts for the coming few months just to keep ticking over.

Is there a way to filter workouts by zone or can people suggest workouts that are primarily zone 2.

Thank you in advance

If you go into the filter when looking for a workout & change the focus type to endurance, that will give you primarily zone 2 type workouts.
You can also filter for a certain duration.

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Thank you for the reply.

I have tried this at it although yes they are endurance rides, but many briefly dip into zone 3 and above.
I am looking to find workouts that stay in zone 2 for my off season.

I recently changed my settings to “off season” and it advised a session including zone 4 intervals. I just want to tick over for a few months and rehab my injury.

  1. Go to Workouts Library.
  2. Search for “lucy”.
  3. Pick one from 45 minutes to 3 hours long.
  4. Listen to music and watch whatever you want.
    To add some variation switch to Slope mode and monitor your progress on the power chart.

Another option is to join my Daily Dose of LSD Club* in which case you’ll see a rotating collection of LSD workouts under the Sessions tab at various times of the day or go to the Sessions Library, select Community in dropdown filter, and select one (Play Now) to run as a solo session on demand.

*Auto-enrollment is enabled. To leave the club at any time visit Communities - My Clubs and select Leave.

The other element to add is to filter for difficulty - keep it lower (eg 2 diamonds) to avoid workouts going up towards z3 / or low z4, which Xert also classifies as endurance (which they are, just more fatiguing)

And / or create your own… Xert will consider those too

Thank you RR.

Some great suggestions here, Searching Lucy brings up what I am looking for.

Tried this Wes, but I do my workout over IOS app, which doesn’t allow to filter in this way; shame would of been an easy fix.

I have also created my self a very basic 1hr z2, as you suggested.

If you’re ok with an additional step, you can filter and select (click ‘play now’) on the website, which is also accessible on the phone… then when you start the app it will be selected already

Another easy alternative is to simply free-ride below LTP! Can be done in a virtual world (Rouvy, Zwift, etc.), or just by free-riding in slope mode (or use manual ERG mode).

Can be a bit boring - like running on a treadmill - but a good opportunity to listen to podcasts, catch up on TV shows, etc.

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