XSS Buckets Garmin Datafield available

There has been a few discussions here on how a new Garmin datafield should be that shows a split between low, high and peak XSS.

To my surprise there is already such a data field on Garmin ConnectIQ called “XSS Buckets”. I tested it today, and it works very well.

I tried searching for it in this forum, but didn’t find a reference. Feel free to try it out! :grinning:


Well - this looks like just what I was after. Installed and can’t wait to finish work and try it out!

Unfortunately you will have to manually set the XSS targets in Garmin ConnectIQ. Hopefully that will be changed in an upcoming version.

I would also be able to turn off the continuous switching between XSS completed vs % completed.

You get a nice beep once each of the targets are completed.

I can live with that, I must admit. It would be nice to auto-populate the targets but if this works then I’ll be happy.

Thanks for pointing me towards it!

Then something isn’t working right, as that’s not how its described.

Using your Garmin Connect Mobile connection, XSS Buckets logs into your account on Xert Online obtains your latest Fitness Signature, downloads today’s training requirements and displays these as buckets on your display.

Per that description, I would expect it to populate with what the Forecast AI has set for your training targets for the day.

I messed with it a bit before my evening ride, wasn’t able to get it to work. Didn’t update values nor did it change during the ride.

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Something does sound wrong here as I used XSS buckets for the first time yesterday and it auto-populated yesterdays training targets automatically.

You do need to make sure that there is a phone connection so that the XERT brown dots turn green to show that they have been updated to the latest signature

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For those using the previous test data field, it will be sunset soon so you should switch to the new data field.

Use Garmin Connect IQ app (or Garmin Connect Mobile in some cases) to configure your Xert username and Xert password into the settings for the data field. It can be a bit of a descent into the bowels of the Garmin app to find these but they are there.


Yep - the latest version picks up your targets automatically (tried it this morning and worked great). However, the initial version didn’t and that was what I used yesterday.


So it’s best to set it up on a full data screen by itself?

I just did a test ride and it worked great!

Just one thing: As target it established todays XATA advice (with was “you are in a surplus, do 27 xss optionally”).
I also had a workout in the planner (therefore my idea was to ignore xata) and I hoped to get the xss target matching my planned workput. But that didn’t happen.

Could that logic be extended? Like

  • if no concrete workout planned for today, use target proposed by xata or forecast
  • but if a workout is planned, use the workout objective as target

Make sure the workout is planned before you start your ride. Should work. If you login and see a workout ready, that should be what’s used for targets.

I just tested it and am still getting the XATA recommendation numbers on the Garmin, rather than the workout’s numbers that I have planned in the calendar for 6:00 pm tonight.

Same for me, the workout had been in the planner long before starting the ride.

What happens if the planned entry’s Start Time is within 30 minutes of now?

When you login, what do you see as “Workout Ready” on the Training tab? Is what shows on XSS Buckets different than this?

This is what I’m seeing on the home page.

I’m seeing the numbers next to “Optional XSS” on the left in the data field, rather than the XSS numbers in the VO2 Max workout on the right.

Ok. Not 6pm yet. Move it to now and try again. Should work the same as using EBC or the Workout Player when it comes to planned workouts.

I moved it to 3:30pm (it is 3:20pm now) but the data field is still showing the “Optional XSS” numbers as before.

Try again… :smile: Should be fixed.

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