XSS based on HR function Enabled

I saw that it is now possible to turn on a new function that should use HR to calculate XSS etc. “ Enable the estimation of Xert Metrics like XSS and Focus using Heart Rate”

I thought yes this is perfect since I don’t have a power meter on by gravel bike. But I does not work like I thought it would. I thought that when the function was turned on it would calculate XSS based on HR ONLY when no power date is available from a workout. But this is not the case as far as I can see.
I hope this will get corrected since I would be great to have a estimation of XSS for the rides without a power meter.

What makes you think that? Not saying you’re not right, but I have switched it on and off and didn’t notice any change in XSS. However, I do not have rides without power or HR…

I am not 100% sure that it works like I think I do but the text doesn’t imply that it will only use HR when power data is not available.
Would be good to have it clarified by the developer

Agreed :+1:t2: They will probably do so.

I think Armando wrote me that when I enable it, this will switch the calculation to HR for every activity, including the ones with power data on it.

I accually think the HR is only used when now powermeter is used in a woorkout.
Take a look at my screenshot and look at what it says with the workout in the bottom of the picture. That workout is done without a powermeter on my gravelbike - the two above is done on my roadbike/hometrainer with a powermeter. I did not see this at first - maybe its something new the addded very recently ?

Yes, it was added about 2 weeks ago. Looks like you only get that when not using a PM, as I thought. But @mastracci or @ManofSteele can clarify this…

That is correct.

That’s perfect:)

I’m only on the trial version currently but is this hr derived ride profiling an additional Feature on the full subscription version? I can’t see where to enable this on my profile.

On your home (my fitness) page, in the upper right corner, hover over your name, click account settings and then go to the profile tab. On the bottom of that page, you should see the slider to enable heart derived metrics.

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Nice one, thank you

has this function now disappeared?

If you go to Account Setting>Profile you’ll find it there.


Thank you George, that worked well!


For triathletes, would you recommend that we use a separate running account for running activities, or use XSS based on HR for runs?

Hi everyone, I have changed my bike and I will not have any powermeter.
So Xert parameters will be calculated by HR monitoring.
Will they be reliable? Or once my fintness will increase the XSS will be over estimated not knowing my FTP value?
Thank you.

My bike just got stolen and had my power meter on it so I will be training with heart rate also. So far it seems close enough. But now I have to just train with heart or perceived exertion, so it feels limited without power because the data fields don’t work and the workouts are power based. Hopefully I can afford another power meter soon.

If signature was recently validated and you have plenty of data on file with power, HR, cadence, then XSS by HRDM should be sufficient for tracking TL.
You could also change decay to No Decay so signature changes will mirror changes in TL.

If you won’t have power on any bike or indoor trainer going forward, there isn’t much point to Xert to be honest. You can broadly track strain (though the split into low high peak isn’t as accurate in my experience), and set to no decay so that threshold is broadly ok (it will increase with TL to your specific question), but you’re really missing everything else. If you will train by HR alone there are other platforms worth looking at

It’s fine if it’s just one of your training modalities though