XSS based on HR function Enabled

Other platforms… Like Strava? Or what else?

Could use Strava. I’d probably start with intervals.icu (I use it alongside Xert), but there are others… runalyze, training peaks, golden cheetah (i think, not sure, but it’s desktop only)

These are mostly tracking / helping analysis i.e. they don’t prescribe workouts or plans to follow (though some allow you to create them or buy them), so you’ll need to learn to self coach by heart rate (not so difficult but there are more insights from having power as well, and power is clearly better for high intensity), or to get a coach

Ok thank you.
At this moment I follow workouts suggested by xert trying to generate a XSS value and intensity prescribed.
XSS is very similar to hrTSS for endurance rides, different for workouts that prescribe sprints…