Xert workouts and Zwift

I want to use Zwift while doing an Xert workout so my question is for those who might have done that would it best to run the workout from my garmin, or iphone, and let that control the trainer and turn off all the trainer functions in Zwift. I know the smart workouts won’t work in Zwift like intended but if it’s not a smart workout dose it really matter?


Personally, I prefer to run the workout from my phone (android or iOS using BT) and then collect the Power/Cadence/HR data in Zwift via ANT+. Doing it this way saves me having to download/upload ZWO files all the time and manually updating (F)TP in Zwift all the time. We have a guide to doing that here:

Thanks for the link Scott. I am using Apple TV for Zwift that’s BT only I can Ant+ to my Garmin 530 but I wouldn’t both devices controlling the trainer from what read in the link. I am going to have to play around with it to figure out what works best.

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