Xert Workout player for indoor training

Trying to decide which bike computer platform has a better xert workout experience… Garmin 1040 or Hammerhead 2?

I’ll be running video “FulGaz” through appleTV. I understand that I need to control the kickr bike through the head unit and can run other metrics through appleTV.


I’m not a Fulgaz user but I believe their AppleTV app needs to control the trainer.
That means no Xert app running on a head unit (or Xert app running on your phone) is required.
You would select a workout on Xert, export to ZWO, upload that file to your Fulgaz account, then select that workout on Fulgaz.

The Xert EBC app to control workouts on your trainer is available for iOS or Android phones (including Karoo) or as a Connect IQ app for Garmin head units.
When used with Zwift the Xert app can control workouts on your phone or head unit while you ride in virtual world on Zwift connected to your power meter. I don’t believe Fulgaz supports this type of configuration. Perhaps a Fulgaz user will chime in to confirm.

Right. I can always do the export. I was interested in a smart workout which would need the workout control.

IMO the best SMART workout experience will be EBC on your phone, followed by EBC on a Karoo, followed by Connect IQ app on a Garmin.
If you’re looking for a head unit but are not interested in the Garmin fitness platform, I’d suggest a Karoo to run EBC.
Since you have a Fulgaz subscription you could simply watch rides there as your entertainment and not worry about simulating the route (no connection to trainer or power meter).