Xert Update?

Hi All.

Im seeing signs of an update but can’t find any info explaining the new stuff and the changes. can someone please point me in the right direction?

What I’m seeing is

  • a new homepage layout on web version that includes new colour coded numbers next to XSS (image attached)
  • prompt to reconnect to Garmin Connect for “new features” but not clear what they are,
  • training status is now detraining despite planner showing I’d have two weeks till that a few days ago following a tough ride.

Thanks for the help. I’m sure it’s obvious but couldn’t find it in support or news or a topic on it from the last week.

You should see button “What;s new?” on the top of the page, both on PC and mobile.

Love a good update, please please please look to update the iOS app and the training screen.

This for me is the least satisfying part of Xert, all the information is there. Just never on the same screen.

Thank you

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For Heaven’s sake, give us the option to keep the old Planner format. What were you thinking?

It’s impossible to tell what’s going on. And I see no distinction AT ALL between performed activities vs planned workouts, or even where Today is in the “calendar”. A complete mess, visually AND functionally. Please revert.


Also I want to see interval targets on Training screen (use them to ride unstructured).

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Its not so bad, maybe some tweaks and will be fine. You can see if it is planned workout or activity by tag: red (Activity), green (Workout).

One of the tweaks i see is posibility to hide activites, and just see the summary of each week.

and then it will look like this:


If you select the ‘what’s new’ button and then click on the heading for each new item, it opens a new page that explains the changes.

I’ve not dug that deeply into any of it yet, but it all sounds great.

My only immediate comment is that the planner is a bit too ‘zoomed in’. It would be good if there was a way to select, for example, a month view & have more of an overview. Maybe I’ve just not found the button/setting that allows that.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the decay better matches my fitness, now the algorithm has been updated.

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Woaahh. WAY too negative feedback here.
I love the new planner. It is great! Thank you so much @Xert Team.


Yeah, I agree. It looks great to me.
I just tried the auto-gen workout and that looks like a good addition.

The main thing for me will be seeing over time if I notice how the fitness metrics improvements & updated maths behind the fitness signature, result in me getting more suitable workout advice & whether I see a corresponding improvement in fitness.

Exciting stuff. I’d also like to express my thanks to the Xert team. This stuff can’t be easy & must take a hell of a lot of work to implement. I’m looking forward to getting stuck into it.



Only thing unanswered is the coloured numbers next to the recommended XSS. Any ideas?

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First impressions - really like the new calendar. I can see that when I hover on an activity, if its GPS then it switches to power - personally I would prefer the default to show power. Also like the way only the top activity has map/power data to keep the display concise but could the planner detect the “main” activity and put that at the top e.g. activity with biggest XSS goes at the top?

Will be excited to see how the ongoing under the hood improvements work going forwards!

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Thanks for the feedback everyone.

Yeah, the old planner was a sore spot and the cause of users not liking our UI. Clunky, ugly (although as some of you point out, it was useful to you in many ways).

Some things have gone away (for now anyways) like the drag-and-drop feature. We are thinking hard about how to bring parity to what we had before but at the same time we can’t afford to have the team spending extraordinary time and effort for some of these. We have the strike the right balance.

But the new calendar brings together many of the new ideas that we’ve had and will be bringing out.
It’s a bit of an software engineering feat too. There is nothing I’ve seen out there that matches the amount of information, smoothness and speed at which it functions. It’s visually appealing and outperforms everything else, not just in our space but pretty every web app I’ve encountered. It’s also fully reactive so you shouldn’t need to ever refresh it to see new information. It should just appear (how many times do you hit the refresh button on other sites?). We’re adding more features to it coming out shortly so stay tuned.

But keep the feedback coming. We’re going to be releasing more information to over time, especially as the new features roll out.

The other updates are harder to see but very impactful nonetheless, especially when it comes to the most important feature of all - increasing and managing your fitness. The updates allow the system to do a far better job and should work better for more people. The number crunching going on is hard to get right for everyone and all their data but this new update does a much better job for a wider range of user data. It may not affect many of you here. You’re here because it works great for you. But others that have not stuck around did so because the system couldn’t figure out their data. We hope this release will address more of these users too. We believe every endurance athlete should use Xert and this is a step in that direction.


You’ll be hearing more about this over the next updates. If you notice beside each activity on the planner, you’ll see a “matchstick” that’s coloured blue, yellow and red. This represents the relative contribution of your low, high and peak power systems in that activity. You can see these numbers as blue, yellow, red now when we show XSS so you can get a sense of how much intensity is there and how it is divided into low, high and peak (threshold, high intensity energy and peak power, respectively). Remember, fitness is not just about your ftp and you can better see how the other systems are involved in your efforts now.


If you only see a row per day, try maximizing your browser and/or zooming out (ctl- or cmd- on your browser) and you should see a weekly view and even a whole month if you zoom out more.

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Hi Daniil,

One possibility is to use the new Workout Generator to generate a simple workout!

You can either push the workout to Garmin or just note the intensity of the ‘ON’ intervals from the description (in the bottom left of the attached screenshot):

Very good this new calendar
We can see immediatly what we did in the past with all the key indicators
I like the status level of fatigue bar too
Of course, it needs some practice to understand all the new possibilities, but it’s always like that with new tools
Thanks. Now we wait the next update with impatience…

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For those who visit XO on their phone browser the What’s New button is listed under menu options when in portrait mode. Here’s that content for reference. :wink:


Agreed on not loving the new planner format, I mainly used the planner as a simple way to see when I would next hit “fresh” again (and also the effects of planned workouts on training status), I can no longer seem to see that on the new layout (unless I’m missing something).

Hi Chris,

Should be even better now - instead of showing training status once per day (using the ‘As Of’ time), we now show form continuously throughout each day along the bottom. You can now see roughly when the transition from Tired to Fresh is (either morning or evening), etc. Perhaps we can elaborate on this a bit more in the support docs.

Here I can see that doing the SMART - Iron Man - 120 workout puts me to Red status until tomorrow mid-day:


Loving the updates!

I tried the Autogen and it is awesome! The only question I have with the Autogen is how do I designate or tell it I want it to Autogen for duration of time I have available as opposed to it Autogen to whatever it feels time availability?