Xert Update - 6 Feb 23

Happy Monday everyone! Today we pushed out a few minor updates to the Xert web app that have been previously requested :slight_smile:


  • XPMC & Fitness Signature charts now show data for all days, not only days with activities:

  • Fitness Signature chart now shows Breakthroughs! :boom: You can also now view training & recovery loads for all energy systems (TP, HIE, & PP), as well as Form lines for each:

  • Strain/Stress Charts are now stacked for days with multiple activities - especially helpful for users who record multiple activities in a day! :raised_hands:

Activiites Table

  • Bulk weight edit now available from the Activities Table! To edit weight for multiple activities, select the desired activities in the activities table and select the ‘Weight’ option. Adjust the weight & click save!

  • Column added to indicate activities with Heart Rate Derived Metrics (HRDM) :heart: :

:biking_man: :biking_woman:
Happy Xerting! Cheers!


Don’t know if related (I did do FB post) but ipad app not opening to do rides
All set and no where to go :wink:

Good Work … as usual ! Thanks so much ! Just a little add, if possible: in the planner, change, or vivid, the color for the current day ;O) Thanks a lot !

We’re working on it. Should be sorted quickly! :slight_smile:

All the ride images in the android ebc app are missing…

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I love the new graphs within the workouts :laughing:

Nice updates, couple of questions:

  1. Have you broken the XPMC chart? It’s showing my training load has dropped today after a workout (90odd xss), training load is @ 76ish so shouldn’t drop with a 90xss workout (i think)

  2. Any plans to automatically pull weight from Garmin like intervals.icu? If intervals can do it i’m sure it’s within reach? My weight history is pretty poorly kept in xert which does my OCD a little but it’s just another thing to keep updating and unsure of the value.

edit: actually a third question

  1. Have you changed anything regarding pulling shorter workout lengths from Strava? - my Zwift race warm up to day ~17mins didn’t seem to pull through, no biggie for me as i usually delete warm up and race and upload a single file recorded on another device. Might get annoying as i only really do that if it’s a hard start (so the zwift file misses the hard 30s and messes with my MPA), so for easy group rides I generally don’t create a single file. As a side note the single file when uploaded then went to Strava which it never used to?

Q1: There is normally a dip at the end of the chart since it shows calculated decay applied for tomorrow before any activity is uploaded. If you zoom in it will appear less drastic. :slight_smile:
Here’s an example of my chart at the moment –

I rode short and easy on Sunday 05, took Monday 06 off, and the dip continues into tomorrow 07.

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Ah yes, showing an uptick now. Looks like its a day delayed, probably due to my starus time being set to 23:59.

since the update in ACtivities / table I see nothing

But it’s OK in ACtivities / Dashboard


Perhaps its unrelated / temporary but my phone IoS Xert app has been very slow to load since yesterday

Yes mine is empty too.

Table is back but how about dropping the word Activities so toolbar fits better at 80%. Would rather not size smaller than that. :slight_smile:

Not for me it isnt. Its still blank.

There’s some sort of bug as the Activities table shows activities on my laptop but not on my mobile.

Haven’t figured out a pattern yet but works fine on my trainer desk laptop using Edge or Chrome but only with Chrome on this laptop.

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Here’s some clues —

Showing 0 to 0 of 0 activities (filtered from 1,203 total entries)
As though it tries to display the list but treats it as filtered by some mystery string even though Search box is empty.

Also, I can toggle Hide Expired off and it lists my expired entries but goes back to blank list when Hide is enabled.

On my laptop with Chrome. Even with “Hide Planned Activities” Enabled the planned activities are still showing.

Didn’t especially want to do this but just Cleared browser data on Edge and now all is running fine.

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Okay ive just done the same and they’re now showing again. However the “Planned activities” also disabled are still showing.