Xert EBC

I thought maybe it is a battery issue but in that case, I think it would deplete as fast while riding indoor.
As mentioned above, I can do a 2h30 (and most probably 3h) workout without charging with the same phone, screen always on, auto-dim 15 seconds, wifi enabled…

I may buy a KKM2 eventually but since I already have a phone which seems suitable, I would prefer using it for now (less junk to throw away)…

I wouldn’t recommend the kk2 for outside use as it’s useless in the rain. It’s not waterproof.

Hmmm, the KKM2 is not waterproof?
From what I have read, it can’t be immersed into water but it is waterproof (rain, coffee and tea as mentioned in Cubot store).

Can you try splashing water on yours? :wink: Just joking…

Maybe by useless, you actually meant that the touch screen does not work while being wet. Is that what you meant? Or that you do not trust that water will not enter it if riding in the rain?


GPS does end up eating quite a bit of battery, compared to riding indoors :frowning:

There are some dual purpose Bike Light/external battery packs that can be useful for extending your existing device’s battery life.

There’s a previous post on here where someone’s kkm2 was ruined out in the rain. It does not have waterproof ratings.

Here you go…

As mentioned above - GNSS (GPS) is the main culprit. It uses a lot of battery

OK thanks! This means that I will have to find a power pack…

Thanks for the info and for the link…

As for riding in the rain, my old Android phone has IPX rating, so it is better than the KKM2, when attached to a power pack!!!
Thanks all for sharing your ideas…

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Started out with XM on a refurbished Palm ($99USD) but I wouldn’t trust it for more than 90 minutes outdoors (gets ~2 hrs indoors).
With a sizeable battery pack (6000mAh) connected it’s currently my long ride choice with EBC.
See: Hammerhead Karoo 2 - General - Xert Community Forum (xertonline.com)
Otherwise I have a KKM2 for most fair weather rides.

I prefer a smaller screen but if I had to start over this 5" screen phone (also $99USD) looks impressive spec-wise (rugged and waterproof) but I have no experience with the brand (reviews are mixed but may be fine as a dedicated BC) –
4000mAh 8MP Camera Rugged Phone Ulefone Armor X6 with Quad-core Processor 2GB+16GB

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Yep, the kkm2 that @oldcyclist65 linked to was mine, and that one was definitely NOT rain proof. It’s currently travelling back to China for a repair under warranty. It will be interesting to see if they try charge me, as the warranty policy claims water damage isn’t covered (and there’s no official IP cert ratings for the phone)…

In the meantime I’ve switch to an old samsung s7. I really should have tried that first as that works better than the kkm2; but it’s too big and I only get a single 2.5-3h ride between charges (vs kkm +5h).

Going forward I’ll keep my kkm2 for dry rides only and use my wahoo for wet. Ill then keep an eye out for a cheap karoo 2 or the release of a new kkm (or equivalent) that is ip rated (I couldn’t find anything else with Android, good battery, cheap, certified waterproof, small).

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Have you tried that feature (radar) ? It was my first ride today with my Varia RTL515, but I wasn’t able to connect it with EBC. It was visible on my system under the BT parameters; no problem with RideWithGPS (there is a button in their UI to associate the Varia to the app); but EBC didn’t find it in the sensors page.

I’m not sure Xert has cracked the BLE code which is exclusive to RWGPS but I assume will be made available to other apps in the future. Then again Garmin in control. :man_shrugging:
I still have a RTL510 so have only tested Varia on my Palm phone with an ANT+ dongle.
That works great but you can’t plug the power pack and dongle in at same time so it’s only good for short rides.
For now I’m relying on a RDU2 plus that also means no battery drain during radar detection.
I’ll reconsider the RTL515 once BLE support is working and can test battery runtime on my KKM2.

Hi @GoustiFruit ,

The Varia Radar is only available in EBC via ANT+ pairing at this time. As @ridgerider2 mentioned, the BLE code is licensed only to RWGPS currently.

Uh, OK, I didn’t get it.

I’m fine with RideWithGPS, the audio notifications are loud, and the different sounds makes it easy to understand that vehicles are coming, and when the danger is over.
The Varia is a great tool, I’m been using it on my last 3 rides, it’s so relaxing to be able to ride in the middle of the road without the need to look behind :slight_smile:

Yesterday I was surprised.
The “EBC XERT” application installed directly from “App Market Karoo2” after registering the activity from its level, on the “xertonline” page in the activity details there is no button to generate a report on this activity.
It is known from external platforms (eg Strava, TP, BigRing etc.), until there is a breakthrough, it is not possible to generate a report.
But that the original application “EBC XERT” is not there - it is strange.
Maybe it is because of the programmers carelessness and it can be fixed?


Hi Artur,

I don’t understand what you are describing. We currently only generate either Breakthrough or Workout reports for Strava. The activity has to be recorded and sent to Xert and not to Strava directly by the recording device. This means all recording devices like the Karoo, Garmin or Wahoo.

Hope this helps.

Hi @xertedbrain

Whenever I recorded my activity using “XERT EBC” and uploaded it to the “xertonline” website, it was possible to generate a report for her (in the upper left part of the screen next to “Cycling summary). But so far I have always run” XERT EBC "from my smartphone .
The report was available for both training and non-training activity - it was required to be recorded by “XERT EBC” and sent to “xertonline”.

Just yesterday I did a normal activity (not training) registered on the “XERT EBC” application (running on Karoo2) and uploaded directly to “xertonline”. It is not possible to generate a report for this activity.


Hi Artur,

You’re only able to generate a report for a workout or breakthrough at this time. If the ride was an outdoor activity with no breakthough, you won’t be able to generate a report for it. Hope that helps!

Thank you for your response @ManofSteele.

Since when has it changed that no report is generated for the activity (not training) recorded by the “XERT EBC”?
On May 29 or 31, I was able to generate a report from such activities as usual.
The only condition was the activity was recorded by your application and sent to the platform.

The reporting limitation, in my opinion, does not affect the “XERT” platform.
Breakthroughs cannot be realized forever.



Edit: I just checked the copy of the file from 06/11/2021 - then it was possible to generate a report on the activity that was not training, but recorded on “XERT EBC” but on a smartphone.