Rain + Cubot King Kong Mini 2 = Fail?

Anyone else tried taking their KKM2 on a (proper) rainy ride?

I tried for the first time today and it didn’t go so well…

It was ok for the first 10 minutes, but then it started with the eratic screen “touches”. Then the water must have got into the screen as I was stuck with an interlaced fuzz pattern. It was all down hill from there as I couldnt even turn it off as it would continue to repower itself.

Got it in the oven trying to dry while I’m researching if the Karoo 2 will be a more reliable XBC alternative.

KKM2 is definitely a fair weather device that’s not IPxx certified.
There’s a YT video showing how to disassemble one and once you watch that you realize no way the unit is waterproof.
The Karoo 2 is IPX7 and built for rain/sweat droplet rejection along with anti-glare screen for full sun.
Hammerhead Karoo 2 Review | GearLab (outdoorgearlab.com)

Yeh, there must have been a translation error from Chinese to English, as it specifically says “waterproof to rain” on their website! Although now that I check, there is no mention of any IP ratings. I might have to try my (tiny) chance for a refund!

You familiar with this Ulefone armor x7 phone, it claims an IP68/IP69K rating Android 10 13MP 4G Rugged Ulefone Armor X7 with 4000mAh Battery

…or I should cut my losses and pay a small (comparative) fortune for a Karoo 2 and be done with it? (Fair-weather riding is not an option for me, I need capability for a rain soaking on my bars for up to 1.5h!)

That Ulefone model has impressive specs for a ruggedized phone especially for use as an all-in-one solution (phone and bike computer). There’s even a customizable button although unclear how an app would utilize it. Also includes a glove friendly mode.
It’s a bit too large for me. I wanted something in the 1030 size range so started with a refurbished Palm phone for EBC. That will survive in the rain (IP68), but it’s only good for about 90 minutes without a power pack plugged in. It likely has droplet issues as well.

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It’s a tad large at 5" but defintely a good size and feature set for combo phone/bike computer. Heavy for a plain bike computer but lighter than a bike computer and a phone. :slight_smile:

Ah thats not good to hear. I also bought the kkm2 after recommendations on here. Looks like I’ll have to use the bolt outside instead.

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They should aim for IP certification if they want to attract more serious cyclists.

Glad I could save your kkm from destruction (mine still sitting in desiccant trying to recover).

Yep, I also bought blind based off this forums feedback - I obviously underestimated how many kkm2 adopters were fair weather riders :stuck_out_tongue:

After looking at karoo2 (and deciding it’s too expensive as an XBC-only device) I’ll be sticking to a similar plan to you

  • Dry days and indoors = kkm2
  • Patchy rain days = kkm2 which I’ll chuck in my pocket temporarily if rain hits me. Although I’m having trouble with it stopping recording when the screen is off
  • Wet days = wahoo bolt (no xert…but I really shouldn’t be doing smart intervals in the pouring rain anyway!)
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Maybe we should start a forum sticky post that summarises the devices that pair well with XBC as a general bike computer

If you decide to take it apart here’s the video with soothing music :slight_smile:

I’ve turned into a fair weather rider as I’ve gotten older.
Not worth the hassle IMO but depends where you live and what you have to endure if you want to ride outdoors.
If I wake up early for a ride and rain is even a possibility I head for the trainer.
The only thing getting wet is a towel draped over my handlebars. :slight_smile:
The KKM2 sits on my trainer desk out of the sweat zone too.

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Haha thanks for the video.

My daily training rides double as my 1 hour each way work commute - so skipping rain rides means no money to pay for my xert subscription - and armando still needs money to eat! :laughing:

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If you’re riding in the rain, you probably have a dry place for your regular phone. When it rains, take the KKM2 off the mount and put it with your phone. It’ll still collect your data. You just won’t be able to see your screen … but if it’s raining, probably best to be keeping an eye on the road anyway.

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Agree, that’s what I’m going to try next time.

I was having trouble with it continuing recording while the screen is off though, but once it’s working again I’ll check my settings and retest before submitting it to support.

Likely a permission to run in the background.